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Before launching this site I made a request to providers on the forum to provide some offers, it was fairly short notice, I did not expect much but enough came in to create a backlog, I want to be able to react fairly quickly to requests as they are coming in fast now so I have decided to do a compilation post to clear out the backlog before the offers get too old and any new ones can be fresh, that said I do not plan to bombard the site with offers, general offers can always be posted or found on the forum: https://talk.lowendspirit.com/categories/offers or the exclusive offers: https://talk.lowendspirit.com/categories/les-exclusive-offers

I will really only be posting offers here that are a bit different to those found on the forums, I am always on the lookout for something a bit different, a great discount, a tiny server, a unique selling point or add-on, a service that you don’t see often, a free trial, etc, the general common location offers will be considered but I do not want real-time or near term replication with offers that are already out there on this or other forums as that seems to just be posting for posting’s sake.

That said if you have something you want to hare generally it does not have to be an offer, a company introduction, a service introduction, a new location, a new website, feel free to reach out (contact link on the right) I will be happy to post an article.

If you sent me an offer and it is not here it is because I am either keeping it for an individual post next week or it did not qualify.

Anyway – to the offers:

HostLocationOffer/LinkCoupon Code/Price
Hotline ServersLos Angeles50% Off All SSD plansmay50
Hotline ServersDallas50% Off All SSD plansmay50
Hotline ServersChicago50% Off All SSD plansmay50
Hotline ServersNew York50% Off All SSD plansmay50
Hotline ServersDallas50% Off All SSD plansmay50
ClouviderEuropePre Configured Dedicated Server Sale – UK, Frankfurt, AmsterdamFrom $61
HostworldUK, USA1GB RAM, 1x CPU, 40GB SSD Space, FREE 120GB Backup Storage$4.61 /m
HostworldUK, USA60% Off all webhosting plansLESHOSTING
Khan WebhostPhoenixKVM, 1vCPU, 1GB, 20GB SSD, 1.5TB BW$3.50 /m
Khan WebhostPhoenixKVM, 2vCPU, 3GB, 50GB SSD, 2TB BW$5.50 /m
Khan WebhostPhoenixKVM, 3vCPU, 4GB, 80GB SSD, 2.5TB BW$7.00 /m
Khan WebhostGermanyKVM, 1vCPU, 1GB, 20GB NVME, 2TB BW$2.30 /m
Khan WebhostGermanyKVM, 2vCPU, 2GB, 30GB NVME, 4TB BW$4.50 /m
Khan WebhostGermanyKVM, 2vCPU, 3GB, 40GB NVME, 8TB BW$7.00 /m
Hello InternetUK, DE, FI60% OFF for LIFE on cPanel, Plesk Shared, Reseller HostingLES60
srvr.ovhMontreal30% Off first month Fast-as-Metal VPS – Payment LinkN/A
GeeksolutionsWorldDDoS Mitigation as a Service$10 /10TB trial
tetahostGermany2vCPU, 3GB Ram, 20GB NVME, Unmetered 1 Gbps$3.85

A little bit of extra info about each host above:

Hotline Servers



Khan Webhost

Hello Internet




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