I find installing Debian via VNC a time consuming process. Luckily there is an option to install Debian "unattended". You can do so using a preseed file to feed the selections and able to include advanced script customizations. If you come from CentOs World, then think of it as a kickstart file.

This is not new information, I just wanted the wonderful LES community to be aware of this great time saver.

The official source is at https://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Preseed and a long fi...


I have always found this Zimbra offer kind of interesting from DrServer however it is often included in a mix of offers on the forum so I thought I would highlight it specifically to get it the attention it deserves.

We offer a Zimbra-based email service which comes with the features listed.

  • Zimbra Collaboration Suite
  • Nice Webmail Client
  • The option to use a desktop app
  • Free DNS hosting available for easy setup.
  • MailChannels relay, to ensure deliverability of your emails
  • POP...


Summary: In this post, @vyas has compiled offers for VPS hosting in Singapore by providers on LES forum. Links to the KVM and NAT based offers are included as a table.


Since July 2020, there has been a flurry of deals for Virtual Private Servers in Singapore, in the LowendSpirit Forums. This prompted me to write this post that lists the offers for VPS hosting in Singapore posted at LES. Many of the providers have launched a 'new' location in the Merlion City. Hosting in datace...


@Jarland from MXroute posted an offer for the lowEndSpirit folks a few days ago in a comment on the forum that was not really an offer post.

It seemed too good of an offer to miss so I am making this post in the hope that more people get to see it.

In the words of MXroute

Who are we?

MXroute is an email provider that seeks to challenge the standards of the industry in pricing strategy and outbound delivery consistency. Inbound is far from ignored, but I always say that anyone can run...


Running a Web Hosting or Server Provider Business, or just a freelance gig can confront you with quite a lot of legal challenges. Laws are being changed daily and, lately, GDPR and Data Processing Agreements, as well as Cookie Policies are a frequently debated topic. When running a business and especially in the light of potential fines related to the misuse of client data legal consulting becomes something you'd not want to skip. In this thread, I want to present to you some ways to get legal a...


@Abdullah from WebHorizon reached out to me with a special offer to be posted on lowEndSpirit and I think he really nailed the idea of the lowEndSpirit with this one.

Here is some of the info regarding the offer provided by Abdullah:

AMD EPYC Powered IPv6-only VPS at too good prices (starting £1/mo monthly.) available in NYC, NL & SG.

What makes it special & worthy of LES:

  • Min. Monthly commitments (no risk of SummerHosts)
  • Fast latest generation hardware (AMD EPYC CPU, ECC ram.)
  • Excl...


UFW & Iptables not working in Debian 10

By @AnthonySmith

If you are getting an iptables related issue generally or when trying to use an OpenVPN installer script or general VPN setup and the error is similar to:

iptables-restore v1.8.4 (legacy): couldn't load match `limit':no such file or directory


iptables v1.8.2 (nf_tables): unknown option "--dport"


iptables v1.8.4 (nf_tables): unknown option "--dport"


error: couldn't determine iptables version



This quick tips post is aimed at hosts that use SolusVM and OpenVZ 7 or Virtuozzo 7.

I have probably had to answer this question around 30 times now so I thought I would make a quick blog post about it so it can be referred too by those that need it.

To build container config files solsuvm uses the file: /etc/vz/conf/ve-vswap-solus.conf-sample

The standard looks like this:

#  Copyright (C) 2000-2011, Parallels, Inc. All rights reserved.
#  This program is free software; you can redistr...


Written by: @AnthonySmith

Sometimes you want to perform the same action multiple times with a single variable, that may be a vps ID, a process ID or some other unique identifier.

Here are a few examples of how you do that with a simple script, obviously there are other ways and probably better ways to do some of these things they are simply examples to work with.

Copy files of a certain type to a server


#find i...


Creating our first LXC VPS with Proxmox VE 6.2 at SoYouStart

Contributed by @Not_Oles -- July 14, 2020


Our goal is to become a Low End hosting provider by selling virtual private servers (VPSes) created with Proxmox Virtual Environment ("PVE") on an inexpensive bare metal host server rented from SoYouStart.

In the first post in this series we successfully installed PVE Version 6.2 on a Low End SoYouStart server.

The second post in this series discussed pos...