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Written by Anthony Smith, 18 May 2020
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Welcome to LowEndSpirit.com, a place to discuss running very low end (and these days not so low end) virtual private servers, I will be listing VPS plans I have found on the web that cost less than USD$7 / month (and occasionally above that figure) and how to run various services on them.

For those that are new to the whole 'Low End' scene the above paragraph is actually a tribute to LowEndBox as it was back when it launched in 2008, link to archive post: https://web.archive.org/web/20080424094819/http://www.lowendbox.com/blog/hello-world/

This was the origin of the whole $7 VPS idea and the idea of being able to do more with less.

Obviously things have evolved since then yet many people still have the spirit of the Low End. Sadly the original site/hub (LET/LEB) has become a muddy water where you likely to be throwing money away on scams and schemes. Those that have had the misfortune :) of communicating with me over the past 10 or less years that I have been involved in the industry will know my feelings about all this so I will not go in to any further detail here.

Originally LowEndSpirit was a hub for some of the first NAT (shared IP) virtual servers and containers available, it was an at cost community project (usually a loss in reality), this allowed people access to very cheap services with native IP6 and NAT IP4 usually with 128MB or 256MB of ram.

A number of hosts got involved in this early on, to this day some great hosts are still providing directly or providing the back end support for these services around the world such as MrVmRansomIT services and Gullo Net

The LES NAT project exploded quickly and a few of the original hosts trying to offer it on a more commercial basis failed, these days a NAT VPS is a fairly common product offering, people took the idea and made it a better experience all around even offering end-user support in some instances.

The word LES became synonymous with a NAT or shared IP server which was creating some confusion and frustration but the community was still active to some degree so the original site and forum have been removed and replaced with this site and the new forum, the real motivator behind this was due to the ever-increasing scams and deliberate misdirections going on over at lowendbox/talk I took the decision to fork the community and give a safer option/place to exist in on a recognised name.

Now LowEndSpirit is open to all hosts (with some checks and verification) to post in a more open market place, the majority will happen over on the forums, link in the top bar, but i will post offers here occasionally from hosts offering something worth paying attention too.

The community here grew quickly but the old lowendspirit site still being up is creating some understandable confusion so this is the replacement.

That is the overview as to why this place exists and a brief history, feel free to take part in the discussions.

Hosts/Service providers if you want offers listed, please see the About/FAQ/Contact link on the right.


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