Happy Thanksgiving! Grateful for LES!

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Today is Thanksgiving so I want to give thanks for LES.

A lot has happened here for me in the past year. Last year I was using some very lovely but slow servers at OVH. These servers I found thanks to this site's predecessor. These servers were the first time I used multiple IP addresses on one machine and thus could offer individual IPv4s to users.

Now, thanks to friends here who kept ~nagging~ politely emphasizing how slow my lovely OVH servers were, I have my very fast server at Hetzner. To me, it seems like a Ferrari, or, maybe, since it's Hetzner, a V-12 Mercedes. :) Special thanks to @Hetzner_OL

Along the way this year, I've received tons of help from many of the family here. Many people helped me learn a bit about Proxmox, which I never touched before this year. Nevertheless I wrote a couple of tutorials to try to share what I was learning even as I was learning it.

I could write a very long list of names and mention all the helpful things that so very many of you folks have done for me. But, you know who you are. And your karma also knows who you are. Most notably, however, without @AnthonySmith none of us would be on LES. None of LES would be here. And, without Ant's ethics, this place, if done by somebody else, could be very different.

The desert sunshine makes a peaceful life for me here in the quiet, desert town where I am visiting. May I please send each and all of you a bit of that sunshine ☀️ plus the peace and joy that I feel this Thanksgiving 2020? I am so grateful to each and every one of my friends here!

I hope everyone gets the servers they want!


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