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I reached out to a few providers to get things started here and got a barrage of offers thrown my way which I really appreciate however someone had to be first and this to me seemed to be the most on-point, on-brand offer of them all.

Mike from ExtraVM is offering: 30% off recurring for any Sydney, Australia KVM VPS Located with OVH Sydney.

Coupon Code: SYDNEYLES

While the products this coupon code covers go all the way up to 10GB Ram the most intriguing for me at least was the 512MB plan:

  • 512MB DDR4 ECC RAM
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 7GB SSD Space
  • 200GB Bandwidth @ 200Mbps
  • 1 IPv4, 1 IPv6
  • Complete DDoS Protection
  • IP & Firewall Management

$3.50 USD monthly, with this coupon that drops down to just $2.45 USD monthly with even bigger discounts for yearly purchases, for Australia this is an absolute bargain.

Direct product group link: https://extravm.com/billing/cart.php?gid=34 ExtraVM website: https://extravm.com Payment methods: PayPal, Crypto via BitPay. Stripe, Amazon Pay, Paymentwall.

Mike has been running ExtraVM since 2014 with what seems to be essentially a flawless record so I have no hesitation in giving this my personal recommendation.

This offer expires on the 30th June 2020

From the ExtraVM website

ExtraVM was started in 2014 based out of Texas to provide a reliable, secure, and affordable hosting service with DDoS protection and modern hardware that provides better performance than others. We make our services available to nearly anyone in the world by offering payment options for many countries that have limited access to services. We use only datacenters and network providers who have been proven to be reliable and provide good connectivity and speeds.

Link to terms: https://extravm.com/tos.php

Points of note in the terms

  • No Tor Exit nodes
  • No crypto mining software
  • No public or paid VPN services to be hosted, I assume that extends to proxy services.
  • No reselling of services without prior permission.
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