1) Can I get a dedicated IPv4 address?

Usually not, this service was not designed to freely offer IPv4 addresses but we have made every effort to give some IPv4 connectivity to your server.

2) Why do you not give a dedicated external IPv4 address?

At the price point it is simply not viable. With RIPE now having ran out of IPv4 addresses this service is a happy medium between native IPv6 only and regular services providing both. With the direction many countries are going in (ignoring the real requirement to push IPv6) the model of providing inexpensive IPv4 based VPS's will become a thing of the past in the next 18 months - 3 years in Europe, and at some point in the USA too.

Many data centres are now charging around $2 per month per single IPv4 address, and usually cap the amount per server at a maximum of 15 but usually a lot less.

3) Do your servers employ Raid?

If it is possible to do so then yes Raid will be used. However, at the price point this should not be taken for granted.

4) Do you backup individual VPS containers?

No, in the event of a hardware failure or data loss your container will be re-created as soon as possible. You will be completely responsible for your own backups and data restore.

5) Can I get more disk space?

The packages are designed per location with as much disk space as possible. If you want more space then we may be able to offer some from another server which you can mount over sshfs or similar. We will not do this for you and do not assume it will always be available.

6) Will you help me install/Set up X,Y,Z?

No, we do not offer any support for any of the inner workings of your server.

7) Can I use TUN/TAP?

Yes, you can enable this via SolusVM yourself.

8) What virtualisation do you use.