Euro 2021 - Betting inside, win prizes



  • @bikegremlin said:

    @serv_ee said:
    England fans (some of them for sure) are a bunch of fucking morons. Tough guys all around, or so they think. I'm gonna laugh my ass off when they encounter Russias or Polands ultras. Gonna get seven shades of shit beat out of themselves and to be fair, they deserve it.

    Scotland fans are top class. Never encountered the English though.

    Oh for sure, I'm not saying all England fans are like that but this Euro showed that sadly a few tar drops in the honey pot ruin it for everyone.

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    I'm the 85%. Also Elon likes memes hence he's an idiot.

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    @FAT32 said:
    Thanks @mikho @SGraf and @ApeWeb for sponsoring the prizes! You guys have made this thread more fun! :)

    I am kinda surprised that @mikho actually attempted to sponsor few hundreds dollars although only $60 is awarded :joy:


    I don't need the prizes but just trying my luck here - I believe it is just beginner's luck. ApeWeb is very generous because even the closest guess win a prize. I won't be following up this closely if not because of you guys so thanks again! :)

    Edit: To clarify, I mean I don't need the prizes for SGraf and ApeWeb but I did accepted mikho's offer* because I have services with MrVM :)

    I sent you a discount code for 100% the corresponding "small" hosting package for the first year. Feel free to gift it to someone in need.

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