Part VI- Everything You Wanted To Know About Pagebuilders : Conclusion


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Welcome to the sixth and the concluding part of this six-part series on Pagebuilders.

Before we proceed, a quick recap of the previous five posts

Part I : Introduction to Pagebuilders In this post, I ( @vyas) gave an overview of the types of pagebuidlers, their utility, as well as limitations. My co-author @Ympker shared his thoughts and motivation for participating in this rather exhaustive (and exhausting!) series.

Part II : Pagebuilders: The Rising Stars This post, I covered three webhosting + pagebuilder options: Carrd, Brizy, and Bookmark.

Part III : Pagebuilders: Desktop Apps In this post, @Ympker gave in depth reviews of two desktop apps : Mobirise and Pinegrow.

Part IV : Pagebuilders for WordPress – Part I In this section, I gave an overview of the types of pagebuilders (Free, Freemiuma nd Premium) and some features and pricing for over 10 pagebuilders. @Ympker gave detailed review of a Premium pagebuilder- Divi and a passing review of Thrive Architect.

Part V : Pagebuilders for WordPress- part II In this part, I gave a brief overview of two Freemium Pagebuilders – Elementor and Brizy, as well as two Free types – Gutenberg and Generateblocks. I also mentioned a brief note on WordPress, Pagebuilders, and security.

Now that we have revisited the previous five posts, let us get on with the sixth and the final segment of this series. We will talk briefly about Landing pages and Forms for websites.

Image showing an aircraft landing, representing landing pages for websites

Landing Pages

Have you ever seen a page that goes on and on talking about a product or a service? You have probably encountered a landing page. meaning of landing page image:

A landing page by its very nature is meant to excite the customer about a product or a service, ultimately driving them to click the “Buy Now” button. The landing page will list out key features of the product or service. Also included are minor details that may otherwise get overlooked (e.g. our chefs use organic mushrooms only or something similar). The below image illustrates the different integrations for Optimize Press, one of the landing page builders.

Integrations of Optimize Press

My research for this article led to multiple lists of “Top Landing page builders”. This was the case with Pagebuilders for WordPress in Part IV of this series as well. I am posting below a screenshot from a noon by Zapier that lists the Top 10 landing Page Builders they recommend.

Zapier: Top 10 Landing Page Builders

Top 10 Landing Page builders- Zapier Blog

If you are looking for a deal for Page builders, I am leaving a couple of mentions below. You can look these up on your favourite search engine and find sites that offer “lifetime deals”. Note that I have not used either of these sites, personally I would recommend Carrd, which we covered in Part II of this series. –WP One Pager Page templates of WP One Page

Page templates of WP One Pager

In addition to the above, web hosting platforms like WixSquarespaceWeebly, etc. also offer features that will help you create landing pages. In this post, our goal is to provide an overview of this category of pagebuilders. Probably in a subsequent post, I will write in detail about the anatomy, design elements and integrations for landing pages.

If you are really strapped for cash, or you want to stretch the “low end” philosophy to the greatest extent: use the Sitepad webpage builder from a standard Softaculous install, and create a landing page. You will of course need integrations with a CRM, a payment processor, account management system and email/ subscription service.

Popup pages are a sub segment of pagebuilders

Example of a popup page

example of a popup from visualcomposer

Form Creators

Forms can take several avatars- Newsletter sign up forms, event registration, surveys, request for features, or even feedback. SurveymonkeyGoogle Forms and Typeform are some of the most popular form creators. Another is Zoho Survey. All of these have embed plugins or codes that can be integrated into your website. Webiny is a new service – self hosted, headless and runs on node.js. It has a pagebuilder and a formbuilder as well. I am attaching a screenshot of its formbuilder feature below.

screenshot of formbuilder by Weniny

Some more examples of form builders

123 Form Builder –Happyforms

HappyForms Formbuilder

screenshot of HappyForms Form Builder

Concluding Remarks: When the blog feature for LES was opened up, my original goal was to write a short introduction to the world of Pagebuilders. Around a month ago, that is, Mid-May 2020, I had an outline ready for this purpose. But then a conversation with @Ympker led to a series of discussions- his enthusiasm and long, detailed reviews proved very helpful and played a key role in giving a structure to this series. Of course, the remarks and feedback from LES community were also very helpful.

Hope that you found this series useful. I am including a list of resources and references for you to take a look at should you want to peek deeper into the world of Pagebuilders. Thanks again!

Further Resources

Expectations from WordPress Pagebuilers

MotoPress Content Editor

Visual Composer

Ascend Pages



Types of Pagebuilders for Websites. Image by AVyas.

Types of pagebuilders for websites.

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