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  • (Quote) It’s 100gb per credit, if you have 0.5 credits it’s technically 50GB although we won’t suspend your VM unless it breaches 100Gb.
  • (Quote) > aria-valuenow=-12 aria-valuemin='0' aria-valuemax='1000'> title='Bandwidth used in Korea - Total bandwidth for the KR location, this is enforced.'> >> -12G/100> > (Quote) Thanks @yoursunny, this is a…
  • The new node is openvz although we can automate the routing, we can offer bgp in this location for no additional cost. We will be adding a bunch of UK NAT dedis, KVM and openvz deals in the coming months which will all come with BGP. The dedis wil…
  • (Quote) We have the node, we’re in the process of getting our own ASN to be able to do deals with /64 and /48 ranges. Just waiting on ripe - the node is ready to go once we get the address space.
  • (Quote) The automated blocking is only in place on the locations above. All torrent activity will result in suspension as we cannot programmatically determine the content. However if someone does have legitimate use for torrents that does not breac…
  • Due to an increase in DMCA takedowns from users torrenting we have moved our automated torrent detection from permissive mode to enforced mode. Anyone downloading torrents will be suspended automatically, this is a 3 strike rule and works as follow…
  • We're setting up a new UK node currently. This will be very low stock and only available for VPS customers. Would anyone be interested in the following: Single Core Xeon E3 V2 1GB RAM 60GB SSD Cached Storage Gigabit Port 1000mbps upload 1000mbps d…
  • (Quote) This is hotfixed now, any servers with wrongly allocated ram will be corrected when the worker is started for the remaining locations later today.
  • (Quote) I’m thinking the same, it’s just a little overpriced. If it was closer to €15 I’d be tempted for another loadbalancer or bonus location.
  • (Quote) That’s fine, just set the target to the endpoint address. You need to use a cname record.
  • (Quote) Oh, you pointed DNS at the node rather than the loadbalancer. That explains why its not working! :)
  • (Quote) The first half of this Knowledge base article covers the setup: https://clients.natvps.uk/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/5/Installing-Wordpress-on-Micronode-Instances.html
  • (Quote) Just checked and its working as expected. You need to either point a cname record to your endpoint or ping the endpoint, grab the IP and point your hostfile at it. DM me if you get stuck
  • (Quote) This is now live for RAM only, disk will follow soon. Currently only enabled for UK and CA although all other nodes will follow in the coming days.
  • Micronode 1.3.4 Released! Changelog Added: * Ability to upgrade/downgrade Instance RAM without re-deploying. * Ability to upgrade/downgrade instance disk without re-deploying Changed: * Bandwidth is now tracked per instance, user, credit and lo…
  • (Quote) You’ve just predicted my future
  • For everyone using these I have received confirmation that the node will be powered off on or before the 27th February. Now is the time to back up anything you need!
  • (Quote) It’s down to the user to decide how much ram they want. We originally limited it to 128MB and we got complaints so reduced it 64MB. Users can upgrade their resources at anytime for VPS clients they just need to open a ticket and we will inv…
  • (Quote) DM me the ticket number, I’ll take a look.
  • (Quote) Loadbalancer and instance editing is coming very soon, the work is almost complete we just need to write tests. It should be available as a beta by the end of the week - happy to add your account to the beta program. This will allow you to …
  • (Quote) Maybe popular is the wrong word but it’s definitely a tactic used by certain providers selling large amounts of NVME disk space for very little money.
  • (Quote) RAID 0 is popular with SSD and NVME providers as it allows them to buy storage at up to half the cost per GB compared to a redundant array whilst adding performance. This is a bad practice and usually RAID 1 is more than fast enough for NVM…
  • (Quote) Edit: This is a very brief explanation and it’s worth reading into the various RAID technologies they each come with pros and cons. RAID 10 for example is more expensive as you get around half the storage of an equivalent RAID 0 array althou…
  • Really depends on your backups, drive failure is real, we wouldn’t use anything less than RAID 1. Using RAID 0 on anything production is pretty terrifying the chance of failure is increased for each disk in the array. RAID 1 half’s write speeds but…
  • The voucher code for these expires at midnight UK time. Thanks to everyone that purchased them!
  • (Quote) Same location, slightly faster CPU and NVME. Waiting on stock but should hopefully have it provisioned next month.
  • (Quote) Good idea, I’m happy to add this to the roadmap. I don’t think it will require much additional development.