WebHorizon £1 VPS – Amsterdam, Singapore and New York

@Abdullah from WebHorizon reached out to me with a special offer to be posted on lowEndSpirit and I think he really nailed the idea of the lowEndSpirit with this one.

Here is some of the info regarding the offer provided by Abdullah:

AMD EPYC Powered IPv6-only VPS at too good prices (starting £1/mo monthly.) available in NYC, NL & SG.

What makes it special & worthy of LES:

  • Min. Monthly commitments (no risk of SummerHosts)
  • Fast latest generation hardware (AMD EPYC CPU, ECC ram.)
  • Exclusively promoted on LES
  • Exotic location included (Singapore)
  • Supporting IPv6-only, (legacy ipv4 NAT connectivity available free via ticket.)

WebHorizon has been good enough to share some other information as to how they are able to do this so cheap and it is safe to say that there is not much profit in these offers but they are likely intended to introduce people to their services in a fairly risk-free way.

Further information and links:

  • Orders manually accepted within 24 hours,
  • SG orders may take more time for activation. In such cases, service due dates will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Terms: https://webhorizon.in/tos.html ; don’t do anything that will get you or me in trouble.
  • Contact E-mail: helpdesk @ webhorizon.inTest IP’s –
  • New York City, USA –
  • Amsterdam, NL –
  • Singapore –
  • Uptime Reports – https://status.webhorizon.in

The offers

1 x vCore EPYC 7302p @ 3.0Ghz1 x vCore EPYC 7302p @ 3.0Ghz2 x vCore EPYC 7302p @ 3.0Ghz
512 MB Ram DDR41 GB Ram DDR42 GB Ram DDR4
7GB NVMe Raid 10 Disk15GB NVMe Raid 10 Disk25GB NVMe Raid 10 Disk
1 x IPv6 address1 x IPv6 address1 x IPv6 address
750 GB Transfer @ 1gbit1000 GB Transfer @ 1gbit2500 GB Transfer @ 1gbit
NAT IPv4 available on request (Open Ticket)NAT IPv4 available on request (Open Ticket)NAT IPv4 available on request (Open Ticket)
Manual setup within 24 hours.Manual setup within 24 hours.Manual setup within 24 hours.
Price: £1 /monthPrice: £2 /monthPrice: £3.20 /month

Order link: https://webhorizon.in/clients/order/main/index/les-exclusives There is also a NAT bundle offer available here: https://webhorizon.in/clients/order/main/index/nat

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