Do stable LTS Linux kernels receive too many updates?

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Hacker News today had a post discussing a kernel bug in Debian. The Debian Bug Report log is at ext4 data corruption

In the HN discussion, smashed said:

"I'm always a bit scared when I look at the amount of commits in a single stable kernel point release, plus the fact that these point releases come out every week or so. The velocity of change in what should be a stable kernel is very high."

blibble replied:

"I find the kernel is now the least stable bit of debian stable"

I thought this discussion was especially interesting because I never previously imagined thinking of the stable LTS distribution versions as "potentially unstable," even in a limited, "stretched" way of understanding, because of the large number of back ports.

I hope everyone gets the servers they want!


  • Still, it's quite nice to see this old piece of filesystem that is ext4 still receiving updates and fixes and improvements.


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