Registered Providers

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Below is a list of providers who have been given a provider tag on LES.

This list will be updated every time a new host is given a provider tag or has a provider tag removed.

In order to be added to the list please apply for a provider tag after reading the rules post.

Providers are displayed in order of month and year in which they received their tag.

Hosts with tags removed will show under "Inactive Providers" at the bottom of the list.

Provider Website Representative Tag Issued
Dr. Server @Radi @andrej Nov 2019
Inception Hosting @InceptionHosting Nov 2019
FlowVPS @Brendan Nov 2019
FreeRangeCloud @freerangecloud Nov 2019
ExtraVM @MikeA Nov 2019
MrVM @mikho Nov 2019
X4B @splitice Nov 2019
SSDBlaze @SSDBlaze Nov 2019
BuyVM @Francisco Nov 2019
LaunchVPS @LaunchVPS Nov 2019
SpryServers @SpryServers_Tab Nov 2019
Hetzner @Hetzner_OL Nov 2019
ExonHost @ExonHost Nov 2019
HostEons @hostEONS Nov 2019
Smarthost @SMARTHOST Nov 2019
Terrahost @terrahost Nov 2019
Rad Web hosting @RadWebHosting_Scott Nov 2019
Gullo's Hosting @cam Nov 2019
Ultra VPS @UltraVPS Nov 2019
Quick Packet @qps Nov 2019
Clouvider @Clouvider Nov 2019
Host Sailor @hostsailor Nov 2019
IOflood @funkywizard @ioflood_michael_b Nov 2019
Liteserver @liteserver Nov 2019
Dedispec @Dedispec Nov 2019
Pure Voltage @PureVoltage Nov 2019
GBSHouse @gbshouse Nov 2019
Evolution Host @EvolutionHost Dec 2019
Skylon Host @FHR Dec 2019
BudgetNode @Ishaq Dec 2019
Hyperexpert @hyperexpert Dec 2019
ReadyDedis @ReadyDedis Dec 2019
MYW @MikePT Dec 2019
CrownCloud @SpeedBus Dec 2019
Khan Web Host @AK_KWH Dec 2019
Store Host @Dream Dec 2019 @aveline @Edw4rd Dec 2019
Hyonix @feezioxiii Dec 2019
Ulayer @ulayer Dec 2019
Servarica @servarica_hani Dec 2019
HostYD @HostYD Dec 2019
George Data Center @georgedatacenter Dec 2019
Owned networks @ndelaespada Dec 2019
IndoVirtue @IndoVirtue Dec 2019
KTS24 (Haendler.IT) @RapToN Dec 2019
LETBox @key900 Dec 2019
MXroute @jarland Dec 2019
OSSWorks @joepie91 Dec 2019
PUSHR @PUSHR_Victor Dec 2019
WebHorizon @Abdullah Jan 2020
Wishhosting @exception0x876 Jan 2020
HappyBeeHost @HappyBee Jan 2020
OVHCloud @ninzo59 @OVHcloud_APAC Jan 2020
DesiVPS @rama Jan 2020
David Froehlich @dfroe Jan 2020
TeraSwitch @JustinG Feb 2020
Xenspec @xenspec Feb 2020
visualweb @visualwebtechno Feb 2020
AnyDomain @alento Feb 2020
NaranjaTech @gleert Feb 2020
Reliablesite @ReliableSite_Radic Feb 2020
HostbBastic @HostBastic Feb 2020
Hetrixtools @Andrei Feb 2020
Softshell Hosting @SoftShellWeb Feb 2020
TensorDock @lentro Feb 2020
Fiberhub @Fiberhub-Billy Mar 2020
Versaweb @Fiberhub-Billy Mar 2020
Tzulo @tzulo Mar 2020
Purplehost @nullroute Mar 2020
xTom @xTom Mar 2020
HostWorld @hostworld Apr 2020
MetalVPS @Not_Oles Apr 2020
NexaRacks @someshzade Apr 2020
Leapswitch @leapswitch May 2020
Zade Servers @SagnikS May 2020
Xsltel OU @Xsltel May 2020
Hostodo @hostodo May 2020
1TBVPS @1TBVPS Jun 2020
HostSlick @HostSlick Jun 2020
KnownHost @jonathanspw Jun 2020
HostUS @AlexanderM Jun 2020
VPSDime @serverian Jun 2020
BloomVPS @BloomVPS Jun 2020
MaxKVM @MaxKVM Jul 2020
Little Creek Hosting @LittleCreek Jul 2020
Green Cloud VPS @NDTN Jul 2020
HosterLabs @hosterlabs Aug 2020 @SGraf Aug 2020
Host Mayo @HostMayo Aug 2020
Alpha Internet @Ross Aug 2020
RansomIT @oliau Aug 2020
Cloucone @Cloudcone Sep 2020
Hohl IT @alwyzon Sep 2020
Ethwebs @Intelpentium0 Sep 2020
Hosthatch @hosthatch Sep 2020
Artnet @BlaZe Oct 2020
Bbimasoft @yokowasis Oct 2020
aalayer @armandorg Oct 2020
ShockHosting @ShockHosting Nov 2020
Koofr @koofr Nov 2020
Scaleway @kmessy Nov 2020
Handy Host @sweatbar Dec 2020
XetHost @XetHost Dec 2020
anyNode @anyNode Dec 2020
Apis Networks @nem Dec 2020
Webhosting24 @tomazu Jan 2021
Level One Servers @Ian_Dot_Tech Jan 2021
LowHosting @LowHosting Feb 2021
ApeWeb @ApeWeb Mar 2021
AlphaVPS @AlexBarakov Apr 2021
Zappiehost @Zappie May 2021
Advin Servers @Advin Jun 2021
GoSSDHosting @gossdhosting Jun 2021
IonSwitch @ionswitch Jul 2021
Stromonic @stromonic Jul 2021
Aquatis @Klanx Jul 2021
CynderHost @johnk Aug 2021
HostCram LLC @Shakib Sep 2021 @vserversite Oct 2021
NATVPS UK @natvps_uk Dec 2021
WebhostUK @webhostuk Dec 2021
HelpMyIT @MichaelCee Jan 2022
OnePoundEmail @MichaelCee Jan 2022
Hostarts @hostarts Jan 2022
VirtFusion @VirtFusion Feb 2022 @mxmla Mar 2022
stratagem @stratagem Mar 2022
TemasekTech @TemasekTech Mar 2022
Limitless Hosting @Lampard Mar 2022
Virmach @Virmach Mar 2022
Peakford Ltd @m4nu Mar 2022
HaBangNet Corp @HaBangNet Mar 2022
Data Ideas LLC @DataIdeas Mar 2022
IncogNET LLC @MannDude Mar 2022
QuadSpark IT Solutions Private Limited @RIYAD Mar 2022
Pedjoeang Digital @pedjoeangdigital Mar 2022
HostSlim @VPSSLIM Mar 2022
Cloud Five Limited @CloudV Mar 2022
Gardencloud @bruh21 Mar 2022
Hybula @Hybula Apr 2022
canvay @iandk Apr 2022
SpeedyPage @SpeedyPage Apr 2022
ReliableVPS @reliablevps_us Apr 2022
Catixs @Catixs Apr 2022
HostingInside @jenok May 2022
Internxt Universal Technologies SL @Internxt Jul 2022
PulsedMedia @PulsedMedia Jul 2022
Hostiko @hostiko Jul 2022
C1V DI CINZIA TOCCI @c1vhosting Jul 2022
Kuroit Limited @Kuroit Jul 2022
ServerHunter @ServerHunter Jul 2022
Man Hosting @Calin Jul 2022
NFOrce @NFOrce Jul 2022
Z Plus LLC @ZizzyDizzyMC Aug 2022
Dewlance @Dewlance Aug 2022
KIVOBYTES LTD @skorupion Sep 2022
RamNode @nessa Sep 2022
Hostinkos @hostinkos Sep 2022
SiliCloud @SiliCloud Sep 2022
Host Edu Private Limited @hostdare Sep 2022
Greenwebpage @greenwebpage Sep 2022
Highland Networks @jrheiland Oct 2022
Bark Bark Ltd @Barkweb Oct 2022
Arpan Sen Internet Services @typicalGta Nov 2022
Spaceberg @LetMeBeSad Nov 2022
Lux-VPS @F1do Nov 2022 @aqua Nov 2022
Ondynamic Networks @risharde Dec 2022
PacketVM Ltd @PacketVM Dec 2022
Crunchbits @crunchbits Jan 2023
iFog GmbH @ruben Jan 2023
Hostaris Ltd @Hostaris Feb 2023
Syuh Ltd @ialexpw Feb 2023
Blycka AB @mannen Feb 2023
ConvoyPanel @ewang Mar 2023
Kaan Girgin @BatuCloud Mar 2023

Inactive Providers
Provider Website Representative Tag Issued
Prolo @Hogie Nov 2019
lkwebhosting @pvtwebs Nov 2019
SmallWeb @MichaelCee Nov 2019
NexusBytes @seriesn Nov 2019
Bandit Host @Delong Dec 2019
Lilchosting @sasuke (buddiehost) Dec 2019
Bit Accel @corey Dec 2019
Ramnode @Nick_A Dec 2019
Gestiondbi @gestiondbi Dec 2019
HostSolutions @cociu Jan 2020
HostMaxim @HM_Michael Jan 2020
VPS Aliens @billyw Jan 2020 @wdmg Mar 2020
WebSound @WSCallum Apr 2020
VM Specialist @Mr_Tom Apr 2020
Liga hosting @MIonel Apr 2020
Hotlineservers @hotlineservers May 2020
HostBend @ressonix Sep 2020
AlbaHost @AlbaHost Oct 2020
Novos @martijnk Nov 2020
ServersGalore @ServersGalore Nov 2020
Barkweb @barkweb Feb 2021
Spearware Networks @SWN_Michael Mar 2021
StuderSolutions @StuderSolutions Mar 2021
VMPacket @VMPacket May 2021
TropicHosting @swameet Mar 2022
NVMeNetworks @NVMeNetworks Jan 2023

If anyone has any legitimate concerns about a host on this list please open a support ticket @

Thanks to @mrtilde for spending time on the table/markdown


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