This page is a bit outdated. Will be updated shortly.

Just to save time on the obvious, this forum is absolutely an impression/rough estimation with modern tweaks of lowendbox/talk before it was shamelessly and underhandedly sold and then corrupted.

Essentially LEB/T without the corruption, in time if this community picks up the idea is to do in reverse what happened to LET and hand it to a carefully selected community member to run and hand over any financial benefits that come with that.

The forum was started by me @AnthonySmith for full disclosure I do own a hosting company ‘Inception Hosting’ and I realize that will possibly create some arguments about bias, if you don’t like this then please just log out or close the tab now you will only hurt the community with conspiracy soup.

I appreciate some people hate the idea of others making money (usually while using money themselves in everyday life) again this is not something I can or will even try to change, the absolute fact is that companies were making money off the back of the original LET/B and that money enables people to live, eat, start families and provide, the community needs a commercial element, the commercial element needs the community if you want to be part of a community whereby making money or advertising is frowned upon then this is not the community for you and you can AdBlock at any time.

The site is currently run by 1 person however that will change in time if some revenue is generated it will be put into paying people to help out, I really appreciate all the offers of free help however any long term positions really do need to be paid when position are available they will be advertised here and on the forums.


The best way to make contact is to join the forum and contact one of the Administrators or you can open a ticket on  You can also contact me by email at inbox {at} this domain


Q. Can I post an offer?

A. Probably, anything will be considered under the following set of guidelines:

  • $7 p/month Maximum for VPS offers
  • $70 p/month Maximum for Dedicated server offers (Setup fee can be a maximum of 1 month equivalent of server cost, only providers that have been established for 3+ years may charge a setup fee.)
  • $70 p/month Maximum per U for COLO offers
  • $3 p/month Maximum for Shared hosting offers
  • $7 p/month Maximum for Reseller hosting offers
  • $5 p/month Maximum for VPN/Proxy related offers
  • $5 p/month Maximum for Email related offers

Q. What if what I want to offer does not fit the above?

A. Send it in any way via PM on the forum or email, it will be considered on its merit.

Q. What do you need from me to post my offer?

A. A few things, nothing to exhaustive, see below:

  • Company/Trading Name
  • A link to what you are offering on your own website/billing portal.
  • Some brief background info on your setup/company.
  • Anything you might want people looking at the offer to know.
  • How long the offer is available.

Q. Would you consider posting a guide I made for XYZ?

A. Yes as long as you provide some contact details/methods for those that read it and may have an issue.

Q. I just wrote a script or some sort of automation I would like to make the community aware of would you post a write-up or link?

A. Yes absolutely as long as you provide contact details/git/repo etc

Q. How do I get a banner advert on your site?

A. That is a work in progress right now, the ones that you see are not being charged for until a better system is available for handling that side of things.