Liberty Linux: YACA (Yet Another CentOs Alternative)

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SUSE announces new distro for those who miss the old CentOS: Liberty Linux

YACA from YAST makers.
All that is missing is Waka Waka

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  • @vyas said: All thet is missing is Waka Waka

    here you go:

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  • WakaOS 22.01 - Seductress Shakira.

  • @vyas said:
    SUSE announces new distro for those who miss the old CentOS: Liberty Linux

    On my reading, it's unclear whether it will be free as in free beer. Or free to install but updates cost money?

    Even if it's free, it won't be in the same narrow comparison class as AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux because it'll use a more recent kernel that is taken from SUSE Linux Enterprise.

    Could be interesting for those who want RHEL compatibility but with a more recent kernel.

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    "A single swap file or partition may be up to 128 MB in size. [...] [I]f you need 256 MB of swap, you can create two 128-MB swap partitions." (M. Welsh & L. Kaufman, Running Linux, 2e, 1996, p. 49)

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    does not sound reliable

    I bench YABS 24/7/365 unless it's a leap year.

  • Think I'll stick to debian

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    @havoc said:
    Think I'll stick to debian

    Debian, thx

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    Liberty City was a decent game on the PSP back in the day.

    No I do not have anything on topic to contribute, mom.

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  • When you choose just one distro it creates a monopoly that is a tasty morsel for commercial giants, you kill the competition and then cry

    support different distros, do not let them leave the market

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