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Below is a list of providers who have been given a provider tag on LES.

This list will be updated every time a new host is given a provider tag.

In order to be added to the list please apply for a provider tag after reading the rules post.

Providers in the order they joined. (few early exceptions due to thinking of this 8 days after starting the forum)

Hosts with tags removed will have a strikethrough.

Provider Website Representative Tag Issued
Dr. Server https://drserver.net @Radi @andrej November, 2019
Inception Hosting https://inceptionhosting.com @AnthonySmith November, 2019
FlowVPS https://flowvps.com @Brendan November, 2019
FreeRangeCloud https://freerangecloud.com @freerangecloud November, 2019
Prolo https://prolo.io @Hogie November, 2019
ExtraVM https://extravm.com @MikeA November, 2019
MrVM https://mrvm.net @mikho November, 2019
lkwebhosting https://lkwebhosting.com @pvtwebs November, 2019
NexusBytes https://nexusbytes.com @seriesn November, 2019
SmallWeb https://smallweb.net @SmallWeb November, 2019
X4B https://www.x4b.net @splitice November, 2019
SSDBlaze https://ssdblaze.com @SSDBlaze November, 2019
BuyVM https://buyvm.net @Francisco November, 2019
LaunchVPS https://launchvps.com @LaunchVPS November, 2019
SpryServers https://spryservers.net @SpryServers_Tab November, 2019
Hetzner https://hetzner.de @Hetzner_OL November, 2019
ExonHost https://exonhost.com @ExonHost November, 2019
HostEons https://hosteons.com @hostEONS November, 2019
Smarthost https://smarthost.net @SMARTHOST November, 2019
Terrahost https://terrahost.no @terrahost November, 2019
Rad Web hosting https://radwebhosting.com @RadWebHosting_Scott November, 2019
Gullo's Hosting https://hosting.gullo.me @cam November, 2019
Ultra VPS https://ultravps.eu @UltraVPS November, 2019
Quick Packet https://quickpacket.com @qps November, 2019
Clouvider https://clouvider.co.uk @Clouvider November, 2019
Host Sailor https://hostsailor.com @hostsailor November, 2019
IOflood https://ioflood.com @funkywizard @ioflood_michael_b November, 2019
Liteserver https://liteserver.nl @liteserver November, 2019
Dedispec https://dedispec.com @Dedispec November, 2019
Pure Voltage https://purevoltage.com @PureVoltage November, 2019
Evolution Host https://evolution-host.com @EvolutionHost December 2019
Bandit Host https://bandithost.com @Delong December 2019
Skylon Host https://skylonhost.com @FHR December 2019
Lilchosting https://lilchosting.com @sasuke (buddiehost) December 2019
BudgetNode https://budgetnode.com @Ishaq December 2019
Hyperexpert https://hyperexpert.com @hyperexpert December 2019
ReadyDedis https://readydedis.com @ReadyDedis December 2019
MYW https://myw.pt @MikePT December 2019
Bit Accel https://www.bitaccel.com @corey December 2019
CrownCloud https://crowncloud.net @SpeedBus December 2019
Khan Web Host https://khanwebhost.com @AK_KWH December 2019
Store Host https://store-host.com @Dream December 2019
RamNode https://ramnode.com @Nick_A December 2019
ZeptoVM https://www.zeptovm.com @aveline December 2019
Hyonix https://hyonix.com @feezioxiii December 2019
Ulayer https://ulayer.net @ulayer December 2019
Servarica https://servarica.com @servarica_hani December 2019
HostYD https://hostyd.org @HostYD December 2019
George Data Center https://georgedatacenter.com @georgedatacenter December 2019
IonSwitch https://ionswitch.com @ionswitch_stan December 2019
Owned networks https://owned-networks.net @ndelaespada December 2019
IndoVirtue https://indovirtue.com @IndoVirtue December 2019
KTS24 (Haendler.IT) https://KTS24.com @RapToN December 2019
Gestiondbi https://gestiondbi.com @gestiondbi December 2019
LETBox https://letbox.com @key900 December 2019
WebHorizon https://webhorizon.in @Abdullah January 2020
Wishhosting https://wishosting.com @exception0x876 January 2020
HostSolutions https://hostsolutions.ro @cociu @MikePT January 2020
HappyBeeHost https://happybeehost.com/ @HappyBee January 2020
OVHCloud https://ovh.co.uk @ninzo59 @OVHcloud_APAC January 2020
DesiVPS https://desivps.com @rama January 2020
David Froehlich https://www.edv-froehlich.de @dfroe January 2020
HostMaxim https://hostmaxim.com @HM_Michael January 2020
VPS Aliens https://vpsaliens.com @billyw January 2020
TeraSwitch https://teraswitch.com @JustinG February 2020
LETBox https://letbox.com @key900 February 2020
Xenspec https://xenspec.com @xenspec February 2020
visualweb https://visualwebtechnologies.com @visualwebtechno February 2020
AnyDomain https://anydomain.net @alento February 2020
NaranjaTech https://naranja.tech @gleert February 2020
Reliablesite https://reliablesite.net @ReliableSite_Radic February 2020
HostbBastic https://hostbastic.com @HostBastic February 2020
Hetrixtools https://hetrixtools.com @Andrei February 2020
Softshell Hosting https://softshellweb.com @SoftShellWeb February 2020
ISODME https://isodme.com @lentro February 2020
Hello Internet https://hello-internet.co.uk @hello March 2020
Fiberhub, Versaweb https://fiberhub.com https://versaweb.com @Fiberhub March 2020
Tzulo https://tzulo.com @tzulo March 2020
Purplehost https://purplehost.com.br @nullroute March 2020
xTom https://xtom.com @xTom March 2020
geeksolutions.ca https://geeksolutions.ca @wdmg March 2020
Liga hosting https://ligahosting.ro @MIonel April 2020
WebSound https://websound.co.uk @WSCallum April 2020
HostWorld https://hostworld.uk @hostworld April 2020
MetalVPS https://metalvps.com @Not_Oles April 2020
NexaRacks https://nexaracks.com @someshzade April 2020
VM Specialist https://vmspecialist.com @Mr_Tom April 2020
Leapswitch https://leapswitch.com @leapswitch May 2020
Hotlineservers https://hotlineservers.com @hotlineservers May 2020
Tetahost https://tetahost.com @tetahost May 2020
Zade Servers https://zadeservers.net @SagnikS May 2020
Xsltel OU https://www.xsl.tel @Xsltel May 2020
Hostodo https://hostodo.com @hostodo May 2020
1TBVPS https://1tbvps.com @1TBVPS June 2020
HostSlick https://hostslick.com @HostSlick June 2020
KnownHost https://knownhost.com @jonathanspw June 2020
HostUS https://hostus.us @AlexanderM June 2020
VPSDime https://vpsdime.com @serverian June 2020
BloomVPS https://bloomvps.com @BloomVPS June 2020
MaxKVM https://maxkvm.com @MaxKVM July 2020
Little Creek Hosting https://littlecreekhosting.com @LittleCreek July 2020
Green Cloud VPS https://greencloudvps.com @NDTN July 2020
HosterLabs https://hosterlabs.net @hosterlabs Aug 2020
myroot.pw https://myroot.pw @SGraf Aug 2020
Host Mayo https://hostmayo.com @Billa Aug 2020
Alpha Internet https://gnu-host.com @Ross Aug 2020
RansomIT https://ransomit.com.au @oliau Aug 2020
Cloucone https://cloudcone.com @Cloudcone Sep 2020
Hohl IT https://alwyzon.com @alwyzon Sep 2020
Ethwebs https://ethwebs.net @Intelpentium0 Sep 2020
Hosthatch https://hosthatch.com @hosthatch Sep 2020
HostBend https://hostbend.net @ressonix Sep 2020
Artnet https://artnet.pl @BlaZe Oct 2020
Bbimasoft https://bimasoft.web.id @yokowasis Oct 2020
AlbaHost https://www.albahost.net @AlbaHost Oct 2020
aalayer https://aalayer.com @armandorg Oct 2020
ShockHosting https://shockhosting.net @ShockHosting Nov 2020
Novos https://novos.be @martijnk Nov 2020
ServersGalore https://serversgalore.com.au @ServersGalore Nov 2020
Koofr https://koofr.eu @koofr Nov 2020
Scaleway https://www.scaleway.com/en/ @kmessy Nov 2020
Handy Host https://handyhost.net @sweatbar Dec 2020
XetHost https://xethost.com @XetHost Dec 2020
anyNode https://anynode.net @anyNode Dec 2020
Apis Networks https://apisnetworks.com @nem Dec 2020

THIS Post will remain closed, any discussion can take place outside of this thread if anyone has any legitimate concerns about a host on this list please PM me.

Thanks to @mrtilde for spending time on the table/markdown

Please do not use the PM system here for Inception Hosting support issues.


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