What do you use as primary and secondary DNS Servers on your PC/Laptop?

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What DNS servers are you using on your PC/Laptop? I used to use AdGuard/Cloudflare/Google DNS, but have also thought about giving ControlD a try, recently. I'm sure there's lots of alternatives to choose from, so curious what you are using?


  • Step 1: Go to https://public-dns.info/
    Step 2: List DNS Servers by location and select all the ones nearest to me
    Step 3: Download and run GRC DNSBench.exe (https://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm) or nameinator (https://github.com/mrwiora/NAMEinator) on Linux
    Step 4: Add DNS resolvers to list of servers to test obtained in Step 2
    Step 5: Run test
    Step 6: Go get a drink/snack/whatever
    Step 7: Come back
    Step 8: Look at results, pick top 3 that don't return bogus NXDOMAIN responses
    Step 9: Add those 3 to my Pi-Hole VM on my local network
    Step 10: ???
    Step 11: Profit!

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  • I run my own DNS resolver (bind), and it doesn't forward the request to an external DNS resolver but queries the root DNS servers etc.
    I also host the authoritative DNS server for my own domains and I use Hurricane Electric Free DNS as slaves.

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    When not connected to vpn, DNScrypt proxy (proxy is local; communicating upstream via DoH/DoT/Crypt/etc never p53) because the ISP hijacks all well known dns resolvers to their own and blocks all others. When in other places, NextDNS. It's excellent.


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  • My local backup server has VPNs going to a couple of VirMach $3/yr VMs. This server also runs bind that does DNS lookups through those external IPs directly to root servers. I did this a few years ago because the local ISP was intercepting DNS requests and was replacing ads from most ad services with their own ads. These were mostly political ads telling us all the great things the government was doing for us. I use the local bind server to do lookups for all the computers on the local network.

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  • havochavoc OGContent Writer since it helps troubleshoot whether DoH is working via their dashboard thingie:

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  • pihole for home network with opendns as uplink dns server

  • DNS is overrated.

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  • Two Pi-Holes using DoH via cloudflared

  • MannDudeMannDude Hosting Provider

    PiHole w/ DNS over Tor

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  • AdGuard Home, with the DoT port forwarded to it so I can also use it on my phone when out and about.

  • Cloudflare set in the router

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  • @sanvit said:

    Same servers same order here too.

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  • DHCP
    (being where external access to ips on port 53 is firewalled)

  • I currently use my ISP’s servers with DNS.watch as third/fourth backup. Actually working pretty fine and faster than any external service. Also, I trust my ISP a little more than Google, Cloudflare or other big tech.

  • Just plain OpenDNS.

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