Old openvz Nat box with inception hosting - updating reverse domain?

Random question. I’ve got an old OpenVZ box which has NAT - so no dedicated IPv4 address. The domain I had it set up with initially has long since gone. I’ve tried to change it via the VPS admin panel but it doesn’t seem to have taken. Is it still a support ticket to change the domain I would like pointed or is there something I’m missing? Cheers!


  • You are likely best served with opening a ticket to Inception Hosting to get the help you need.

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  • Original sign up mail says no support unless through this forum. Will open a ticket…


  • Just a wild guess: Iirc, then what is usually done before accepting that change is a lookup of the DNS record, to see if it points to the very server and to verify you got control over the domain.
    Any chance there is something wrong on the DNS records? If not, I guess you need to ask @InceptionHosting

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