what is your first VPS provider, and how was your experience

my first VPS provider is byethost or byet? (I don't really remember as they had several domains)
5GB hard disk
for $20/ month
pretty expensive for the spec but at that time (maybe 2009 or 2010?) seemed good as I hadn't discover low-end community.

however the support was I don't know if it was good or bad when I had problem with the VPS they solved it and said that they have perform some cli command to my VPS.
I mean the logged in to my VPS and messed fix my VPS without permission. maybe it was managed?

so how was your first VPS experience?



  • my first VPS = cloudatcost
    they offer 1 time payment (pay once for lifetime).
    speed and i/o is terrible :#

    and next few years they charge again, i don't know for what, i don't pay it and my vps is now unavailable to access, it's gone from the panel.

    my second VPS = ramnode openvz.
    they have great speed and i/o was amazing, i love it.

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  • Linode TOKYO + Vultr LAX

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  • My first vps was from ramnode in 2014, it was a 128mb in Seattle location. Never faced any issues, it worked very well.

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  • My machine at home a long assed time ago in a galaxy far far away

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  • vps4less.de back in 2008 using a Standard Plan,


    it was good for what I was using it for, then I moved to buyvm for that project, and now it is on a dedicated server with a few other sites.

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  • My first was wishosting.com -they had $3/year OpenVZ units that I loved. Anyone know the fella who runs it?

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  • My first Vps was from 123systems , then I tried UrPad and BlueVM afterwards.

    I found all of them from lovely L0w3ndb0x and L3T.

  • cybertechcybertech OGBenchmark King

    contabo running plesk in 2018.

    needless to say i had to learn quickly

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    I wanna say I had an ipv6 only vps (in Ukraine?) from https://www.ip-projects.de/ probably a dozen or more years back I found off a LEB post. The German fellow who ran the outfit was a bit volatile, and I can easily get under someone's skin, so it was interesting.

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  • keyweb back in 00-years.

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  • skorupionskorupion Services Provider

    Contabo, for what i was doing it was actually pretty decent

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    @dgc1980 said: vps4less.de back in 2008 using a Standard Plan,

    I had also VPS Minimal v1 (with 5 IPs - free of charge back then) from vps4less.de for €3.99 EUR / month from 2007 until August 2020 when they closed down their business. If memory serve me correct they upgraded vps specs slightly free of charge at some point so that I was able to update/upgrade vps, etc.

    Some two years before I got my first VPS from german welcome2inter.net for 7.99 EUR/month (also with 5 IPs) and shortly after that from US datarealm for $14.85 USD/3 months (with two IPs).

    Specs for those vpses were like (pasted from welcome2inter):

    Disk Quota (MB): 1024

    Burstable Memory (MB)(openvz Only): 128

    Guaranteed Memory (MB)(openvz Only): 64

    Number Of Processes(openvz Only): Unlimited

    Real Memory Usage (MB)(xen Only): Unlimited

    Cpu Usage (%) 100/CPU: Unlimited

    The host I stayed the longest with was xenvz.co.uk / OpenITC (from 2008 to 2022).

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  • I can’t remember the spec, but it was with Lycos and would have been sometime in the late 2000’s. It was something like £15/month and had enough resources to run a website with PHP + MySQL without any optimisation.

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  • @hornet said:
    My first was wishosting.com -they had $3/year OpenVZ units that I loved. Anyone know the fella who runs it?

    do they still have this?

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  • my first vps was actually free from host1free (i think that was the site)
    idk the specs but it had something like 128 mb ram / 1cpu/ ???hdd

    first paid vps was from arubacloud - 1eur/ mo

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  • 2010, prgmr.com. 256 MB ram / 6 GiB disk / 40 GiB transfer (!) XEN instance for $8/month. Seems like I had to wait a month or so for them to add capacity. Many upgrades later it's still my primary VPS.

    I've always thought some of their policies (submit your public key to create account, ssh/CLI management interface, etc.) really cut down on the riff-raff, so noisy neighbors haven't really been much of a problem. Maybe I'll see an occasional Dropbox LAN sync packet, but that's about it.

    Do any providers offer discounts for competency? Maybe an opt-in scan that checks for things like ssh keys only, no recursive DNS server, no suspicious ports open, no spammy broadcast traffic, abuse@hostname email is read, etc.? Think of it as the VPS version of he.net's IPv6 certification.

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  • Bhost in London circa 2013, now seem to be part of Mythic Beasts. I think the spec was OVZ/2C/256MB/10GB, it was teeny tiny and cost only £1.20pm, it was my first foray into VPS/Shared resources for my own personal use having managed bare metal previously mostly for clients. Chose it it after finding the other green forum and then their discounted offer there.

    It was very reliable for what it was, but they priced themselves up out of the low end space. But it probably then led to me migrating services/clients to other providers VPS offerings over the years, and from RedHat to Debian by preference. Haven't used bare metal (dedis) since last year, prefer fewer eggs in smaller baskets.

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  • Mine is Ramnode. 1GB SVZS.
    Still have it and it's the only VPS I have. Pretty good if I say so.

    @hornet said:
    My first was wishosting.com -they had $3/year OpenVZ units that I loved. Anyone know the fella who runs it?


  • @hornet said: My first was wishosting.com -they had $3/year OpenVZ units that I loved. Anyone know the fella who runs it?

    Same here, their mini-HK one was awesome.

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  • My first provider was YourDomainGoesHere (YDGH) which was run by @corey. That was over 12 years ago. Later I had another VPS from Corey through BitAccel. Sadly, BitAccel shut its doors in 2021.

    Hats off to Corey for great service and helping me bootstrap my learning to become more self-sufficient with VPSs. I asked more than my fair share of dumb questions back then. Come to think of it, I still do. :-(

    If Corey is still hanging around here, I wish him well.

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  • BandwagonHost

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  • In early 2003 a 64 MB UML (User Mode Linux) from Korypet. Initially it worked quite well, but at some point I noticed that disk access got extremely slow, opened a support ticket saying that there might be issues with the disk drives, they didn't find anything, but a bit later the machine died with disk drive failure.

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  • W00T! That's WootHosting. Around 2017.

    An epic drama watching them crash and burn.

    Most likely had two rusty Xeon cores, 2 GB RAM, and 100GB hard drive. OpenVZ am sure. Probably around $15 a year. The first few months it was relativally OK but then it got slower and slower and slower. Then occassionally long periods of unusability. Near the end of the billing period just gave up trying to access it because of all the issues. I think they kept overselling their nodes even though they had run out of resources.

    I remember downloading a whole lot of Linux ISOs to my VPS because I was pissed that it was so unstable and figured would use up all the hard drive space I was alloted.

    Good times.

    A valuable learning experience. No regrets. YOLO. etc.

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  • AbdullahAbdullah Hosting ProviderOG

    I started in the 'clouds'

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  • BlueVM and then 123systems.

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  • my first vps provider is Namecheap, it was 27 usd/m for a 512m box.

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  • WTFServe, 2008. Apparently $35/month for 256MB RAM, 10GB disk, 'unmetered' 100mbps. Cancelled after ~2 months because it was WHT-style fake unmetered - usage over an average of 4Mbps per month (95th percentile) was not permitted without paying extra.

    After that, Santrex $9/month, 2009. Don't know the specs anymore.

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  • BurstVPS ,2012.Apparently 35RMB/month for 1024MB RAM, 20GB disk

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  • I think I got an ovh for $3 a month.

    At some point got burned by alpharacks or their ilk. They never understood why I needed a routed /64 and proceeded giving me 100 v6 addresses on link.
    Never able to actually use the vps anyways.

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