Looking for 10$/month VPS

Spec requirements:

CPU: 2 vCore (fair share)
SSD or NVMe: 60GB minimum
RAM: 4GB minimum
BW: 1TB @ 1Gbps
Location: no matter
Uptime: this is the most important factor to me, so I need reliable , long established provider.

Monthly payment, credit card gateway like Stripe (no paypal, because I manage account, but my friend will pay invoice, he doesnt has Paypal).

No Nexusbytes, MaxKVM please, I know and have a lot VPS there :p
No Contabo, Netcup, UltraVPS, Hetzner.

Atm, HostUS offer seem good to me https://talk.lowendspirit.com/discussion/1390/hostus-ryzen-kvm-in-singapore/p1
But I still looking for more then make decision.

Thanks guys!


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