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The IT-Recht Kanzlei, one of the german law firms I work together with to handle legal obligations for my client's websites, has worked together with Wonderlink to create a GDPR-friendly alternative to Linktree. Since this is a tech-heavy forum, I assume many here are self-hosting their own Linktree-like landing pages, but in case you were looking to use a GDPR-friendly solution to Linktree (for social media, instagram..) that is backed by super cool lawyers straight out of Munich, give them a try :)

The website is currently german-only, but you can easily google translate your way through it. I will likely give it a try later these days, so I will try to see if the landing page (link collection page) can be made available in English language, too (although it probably doesn't matter much since you probably just click on "Instagram", "Twitter", " GitHub"..).

Link: https://www.wonderlink.de/


  • The site looks nice on mobile!

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  • Very nice website!

    What makes Linktree non-GDPR compliant? Adverts/tracking?

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    @Unixfy said:
    Very nice website!

    What makes Linktree non-GDPR compliant? Adverts/tracking?

    For one, unlike Linktree, Wonderlink does not process any personal data according to ( https://www.it-recht-kanzlei.de/wonderlink-hosting-link-schnittstelle.html ) and is hosted in Germany (EU) for privacy concerns. Furthermore, you can comply with the "2 click" rule which says the Imprint and Privacy Policy would need to be accessible via 2 clicks. While with Linktree that would be at least 3 clicks (1. Open Instagram/social profile, 2. Click the Linktree link, 3. Then click on the link to Imprint/Privacy Policy), with Wonderlink you can choose to display your Imprint and Privacy Policy right on your Wonderlink site, thus complying with said rule. Last but not least, I assume it is less likely that german Abmahnlawyers choose to sue you for using a tool that is not only said to be GDPR-friendly, but also backed by IT-Recht Kanzlei :)

    Also this:

    Also, they state:

    You can use your Wonderlink as a link in the bio - without any data protection risks for your users!

    You manage all your online pages, profiles, shops or blogs via one central link - your Wonderlink.

    In addition, you can link all your legal texts, data protection declarations, terms and conditions and revocation instructions and add your imprint in order to legally protect all your social media profiles.

    Just add your Wonderlink in your bio and link all your important pages there.

    Did I mention it's free? :)

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