Did you pick up a Mouse Storage box from Servarica ?



  • @souen said:
    @poisson Fwiw, you could also install OpenVPN (or other VPN server) on one of the NATs to get ipv6. Any of the popular OpenVPN install scripts on GitHub with ipv6 support will do the job. (Enable tun and assign an ipv6 address to the box from the CP, run the script. I've tried it on a LES box and it works nicely.)

    any tutorial boss?

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    @Sgrocks said:
    any tutorial boss?

    Something like this:

    • In Solus/control panel:

      • Enable TUN/TAP (the vps may reboot).
      • Not sure if this step is strictly necessary, but I do it to have a memorable address. Add an ipv6 address from the provided subnet. e.g. if your subnet is 2a00:1500:60:100::/64 then one like 2a00:1500:60:100:1:2:3:4 will do.
    • Log into the vps, enable netfilter for iptables nat rules to work: touch /option.netfilter. Wait up to 30 mins for vps to reboot, and the file should be renamed to /netfilter.enabled when successful.

    • The rest of it: https://www.ostechnix.com/easiest-way-install-configure-openvpn-server-linux/
      • Replace the wget command url to https://github.com/Angristan/OpenVPN-install
      • Run the script. Answer yes to ipv6. Choose a port from your assigned range. When prompted for the external ipv4, use the external NAT ip included in the vps details email.
      • Download the .ovpn file and import it into your OpenVPN client.

    (Side note: usually I would recommend Nyr's OpenVPN script, which is what git.io/vpn links to and the angristan version was initially based on it, but it doesn't seem to support ipv6 yet. It will be a planned feature.)

  • Github and CC are racing to be the last people on earth to enable IPv6.

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