Do you like benchmarking stuff? Do you want someone else to pay for the servers? enquire within

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Looking for someone or a handful of someones who genuinely enjoy benchmarking stuff, beyond the standard dd test that is.

I am ideally looking for people who already know the latest cool benchmark scripts, are willing to try new things and do or at least learn how to benchmark networks and latency in a meaningful way (methods can be discussed/provided)

If you have some experience benchmarking, get a kick out of doing it and would like to do it without having to pay for the servers yourself then drop me a PM or register your interest in the comments below.

The plan/idea is to scrape the depths of the internet for lesser-known hosts and odd locations to see what is available and bring some unique finds to the community.

If there is no interest in this I will do it any way but I thought it would be a good to have some community involvement in this.


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