Ympker's Shared/Reseller Hosting Comparison Chart

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I know you've all been waiting for this :) Given that I can see many providers/members joining here in the future and it will make easier tagging them and update the chart, I'll leave this here, too.

Original post:
So since it's always kind of a hassle to ask/search for the resource limits of Shared/Reseller Providers I have made a public accessible Google Doc where you can compare providers resource limits, Backups (yes/no), LiteSpeed(yes/no) for Shared Hosting and Reseller plans as well as Disk Space & Price. I have also listed coupons that I know can be used with certain hosts. This will be updated whenever I have time and motivation to do so. Feel free to request hosts to be added and/or tag your favourite provider to PM me the limits so I can add them :P




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