Phoenix DOUBLE Storage or DOUBLE transfer | NAT 128mb bundle - 3 locations

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Phoenix Storage plans

All plans from the KVM500 and bigger get double the advertised storage space or transfer automatically, for example:

KVM500 plan gets 1000GB and costs €6.25 for 3 months.
KVM1000 plan gets 2000GB and costs €4.25 /month

Order Link:

Please put your preference in the order notes e.g. Double disk or Double transfer if you forget you will have up to 7 days to open a ticket to make the request.

Double storage offer expired.

UK SSD KVM (Clouvider London)

  • 2 CPU Core (Equal Share)
  • 2048 MB Ram
  • 30 GB Pure NVMe SSD Disk space
  • 2000 GB Bandwidth @ 1 gbit (shared) (DDOS Protected)
  • 1 x IPv4 address
  • 1 x /64 IPv6
  • Full daily full disk image backup
  • Free direct Admin

Order Link:

€3.00 /month (special pricing applies to monthly only payments.)

NAT Bundle

€8 /year for all 3.

Netherlands, Phoenix USA and London UK.

OpenVZ 7
* 1 CPU Core
* 128mb Ram
* 2GB Disk Space
* 350 GB Transfer p/Month
* /64 IPv6 range
* 1 x NAT IPv4
* Orders manually accepted within 24 hours - not instant setup

NOTE: You need to set up each product one at a time, you will be taken to the next location when you complete the first, please use a minimum of 4 characters in the hostname or provisioning will fail and setup will be significantly delayed.

Order Link:
Please do not use the PM system here for Inception Hosting support issues.


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