ovh and email outage;

My [email protected] email address seems to be able to receive but not to send.

I got hit with a Paypal dispute because a new customer didn't receive the emails Roundcube reported successfully sending.

Since I do not have access to the logs on the OVH MTA, I can't directly see what was happening.

Actually it's a lot of fun to run my own mailserver for my non-OVH domains. It's nice to be able to see all the headers and all the logs and to mess with the configurations.

I'm going just to wait a bit, since OVH will fix the issue. Meanwhile, please send me a PM here if you need to be in touch. servers seem unaffected. It seems to be just OVH hosted email that's down.


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  • Just for the record I am putting here a screenshot I just took (Wed 16 Sep 2020 09:23:04 PM UTC) of [the travaux index page with email clicked]

    The screenshot seems to show this page saying that item 46690, the item apparently relevant here, was last updated on 2020-09-14, 14:18.

    The copy in my outbox of the message that caused the Paypal dispute by apparently not actually being sent has a header which says Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2020 11:26:16 -0700

    One might conclude that the problem has been happening for three days and that it's been two days since the last update of travaux.

    Tom. 穆坦然. Not Oles. Happy New York City guy visiting Mexico! How is your 文言文?
    The website runs very speedily on! Thanks to @Neoon!

  • I finally raised a ticket at OVH late on Friday, September 18, after having seen no further updates to the OVH travaux page at;

    The ticket info was:

    Subject: MX Plan - email not received
    Number: 8001355435
    Date opened: 18/09/2020 15:37 [probably MST (UTC -7)]
    Status: In progress
    Latest modification: 18/09/2020 15:37

    On Monday, Mon, 21 Sep 2020 06:46:08 +0000 (UTC), OVH responded saying that the support specialist say that he was contacting the administrators and would let me know as soon as he had more information.

    An hour later, Mon, 21 Sep 2020 07:49:59 +0000 (UTC), OVH responded again saying that the configuration was updated and would be applied within two hours, after which they requested I test.

    At Mon, 21 Sep 2020 16:45:20 +0000 (UTC), I tested sending emails from to three different addresses (two different self-hosted + one at Gmail). All three emails successfully were delivered.

    Many thanks to OVH for fixing the problem quickly! Note that I finally told them about the problem in the ticket late on Friday afternoon. They were on it first thing Monday morning, and the problem seems to have been fixed only an hour later.

    It's not OVH's fault that I sat on the problem for a week before I raised the ticket. I'm still not sure whether the above linked travaux issue has/had anything to do with my failure-to-send problem.

    As of this writing there seem still to be no updates to the travaux page. To me, it seems quite remarkable that something gets escalated to the travaux page and then gets no updates for more than a week!

    There is a lot to like about OVH! They charge way less, stuff almost always works as expected, and -- once I tell them about a problem -- it gets fixed pretty fast. The few exceptions seem to happen with legitimately tricky problems, which this one apparently was not. With tricky problems the ticket sometimes seemingly disappears for lengthy periods without updates about what's happening.

    Happily, outgoing email seems to be working again! Yaaay! Happily OVH sells stuff that works great for much lower prices than others. OVH pays attention, usually fixes things fast, and they're impressively honest about acknowledging the existence of problems. But, if the problem is legitimately tricky, then no updates and no details. On balance, I don't know if I could get better with anybody else. Really! :) Thanks, OVH!

    Tom. 穆坦然. Not Oles. Happy New York City guy visiting Mexico! How is your 文言文?
    The website runs very speedily on! Thanks to @Neoon!

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