New! High Performance LXC Ryzen 3700X IPv6 VPS $7

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The Offer

LXC VPS, 2 x Ryzen 3700X, 2 GB ECC RAM, 25 GB NVME RAID 1, no IPv4, 1 x /128 IPv6, 1 Gbps, $7/mo

You get access to the Proxmox web GUI, where you can see the load averages and performance graphs for the host node. Do you know any other Hosting Provider who has sufficient confidence in his host node performance to let you see the load average numbers?

In the Proxmox web GUI, you also can start, stop, reboot, backup, and restore your VPS. In addition to the load averages and the performance graphs for the host node, you also can see the performance graphs for your own VPS.

Add On

1 x /96 IPv6 (4,294,967,296 IPv6 addresses), $1/mo

More information

Running on Hetzner AX51-NVMe in Helsinki

Almost any GNU/Linux flavor is available.

Free month for first person who successfully runs KVM inside an unprivileged LXC container.

Check out Not_Oles' 1337 front end skillz!

Limited availability. Delivery might take awhile. No service level agreement. Not for business use. Grumpy, incompetent administrator. GNU/Linux command line peeps encouraged.

How to Order and Pay

To order, please post here, PM me, @Not_Oles, or use the email on my profile.

Please send Paypal payments to the email on my profile. Please do not pay until after your VPS is set up, and until you are sure you are satisfied.

If you cannot pay by Paypal, let me know, and we will figure out another way.

Amazing Support

Support is available via posting here, LES personal messages, email to the address on my profile, and Signal App.

What People are Saying

"the fastest VPS I ever used"

"I've been using this one from him. Highly recommend! His support is really amazing!"

"premium stuff"

"resplendent as the Sonoran Sun"

"he is the sweetest guy in LES"

"Everybody loves @Not_Oles! <3"

"god bless not_oles ^^"

I hope everyone gets the servers they want!



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