[Free] 2nd HTML Hosting Template by Ympker

It's almost Christmas and I have teased this in The Cest Pit already, so here comes an early Christmas gift:
A free HTML Hosting Template created by me using tools like Mobirise and Pinegrow (about time I made use of that Pinegrow license lol). I realize many of you may have to spend Christmas alone and seperated from their loved ones. I still wish you some Merry Christmas Days/Merry X-MAS Days and a good start into the new year. Enjoy the template and edit as you like ;)

ZIP Archive can be found on GitHub Probably there is some cool way that let's you upload a zip and automatically extract its' folders and files on GitHub though.
It's about time I learned how to properly commit to GitHub, but since I never did that, I cba to upload all folders manually and then add the files manually soo it's a zip.


Kind regards,


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