Best approach to setup a DirectAdmin Multi Server DNS Cluster

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Hello everyone,

I am using cPanel/WHM since 2001 so I know it inside out. Doing a cPanel cluster on it is pretty straight forward

I am new to directadmin (thanks to @AnthonySmith, @seriesn and for the free DA licenses)
I want to setup two DirectAdmin nodes and four NS nodes

DirectAdmin Nodes (the full package)

  • vps1
  • vps2

NameServers only nodes running DirectAdmin (no hosting accounts, just syncing DNS data)

  • ns1
  • ns2


  1. What is the best way to maintain two NS at least in DirectAdmin?
  2. How do I migrate accounts between vps1 and vps2 while auto-fixing the DNS in the cluster (like cPanel-DNSOnly do it)?
  3. How can I make sure that only one instance of the username exists in the cluster (including the NS)?

I have followed this and its working BUT whats the optimal way of doing it?

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