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Given recent events it is clear to me that I am even less in a position to take this place forward than I was before.

I did hope to grow the financial side of things a bit more for the new owner first but life took over.

Now with the sale of IH I want to ensure people remain confident about who is really making the decisions here.

So it is time to accelerate the process of handing this place back to the community as was always the plan from day 1 ( I am sure not everyone believed this and that is understandable )

I want the community to make some nominations for who they want as their new admin here.

Please nominate in the following format:


I nominate: @WSS
Why: because he was always a crowd pleaser and never derailed a single thread.

Please give some detail as to why you want to nominate them to have the nomination considered.

You can nominate upto 3 people.

I will then contact those nominations to ensure they are prepared to step up to the plate here.

There will then be a vote, the first vote will bring the nominations down to a final 3 then there will be a final vote.

The community will decide who gets the admin role.

To be clear I will entirely hand over lowendspirit I will only retain control of the domain itself as an emergency measure to prevent corruption/sale.

The new admin will have absolute control of the direction of this place, if they want me to continue to manage the backend though I am happy to do so silently so the limiting factor does not become a technical one.

My goal is just to become as regular member as possible here and prove lack of personal control over the forum and site.

I may stay active for a short hand over period, I will be making my own nominations for consideration and I am not limiting myself to 3, call it my last privilege :)

I will make my nominations over the weekend after this post has had time to attract attention as I don’t want my nominations to influence people immediately.

In order for community nominees to be considered they must get a minimum of 2 nominations.

Have your say!
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  • cybertechcybertech OGBenchmark King
    edited February 2021

    would it be possible to have a suggestive list of suitable candidates?

    nominate @Mason
    why: as mentioned level headedness, experience in VPS without being a provider, seasoned campaigner.

    and also I love YABS

    I bench YABS 24/7/365 unless it's a leap year.

  • I nominate: @Mason
    Why: he has experience in administering forums and has proven that he tends to put a lot of efforts into things he cares about. I consider him fair and objective enough as well.

  • I nominate: @Ympker
    Why: He has been around all (three) places for a long time and tends to be quite active and very neutral as well.

  • I nominate @Mason
    Why? He has experience and knows the tricks of the trade. I think he’s one of the most level headed people in the LE-world and objective too.

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  • SGrafSGraf Hosting ProviderServices Provider

    @Falzo said:
    I nominate: @Ympker
    Why: He has been around all (three) places for a long time and tends to be quite active and very neutral as well.


    I think that its a big bonus, to have an admin - that is not a provider.

    Thanked by (2)Falzo Ympker

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  • @SGraf said: I think that its a big bonus, to have an admin - that is not a provider.

    while I agree with that, I still have to...

    ...nominate: @seriesn
    Why: he is one of the most active providers around and seems genuinely interested in the communities. maybe it's not so bad to have a bit of providers motivation behind driving a community like this... ?‍♂️

    Disclaimer: I do not have any services with nexusbytes.

    Thanked by (2)seriesn Asim
  • @Neoon said:

    thanks for your trust, but I will not be available for that task.
    (only if really no one else is going to take over, but I guess then @AnthonySmith wouldn't let it die anyway)

    I'd rather stick to commenting and fueling drama if some arises, thanks ;-)

    Thanked by (2)ehab Ympker
  • ehabehab Content Writer
    edited February 2021

    I nominate: @Mason
    Why: He has experience.

    I nominate: @mikho
    Why: She has experience.

    I nominate: @Ympker
    Why: he is caring and has the balls to learn and grow.

  • (Me saying something without thoroughly thinking it over - -) should it really be just ONE owner/admin? How about a group of, say, 3 "board members" that vote on forum issues?

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  • InceptionHostingInceptionHosting Hosting ProviderOG

    @casadebamburojo said:
    (Me saying something without thoroughly thinking it over - -) should it really be just ONE owner/admin? How about a group of, say, 3 "board members" that vote on forum issues?

    Catch 22, I don’t want to impose that decision on the new admin or dictate how they run things in advance.

    I will put some additional safe guards ? in place for the first x months perhaps.

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  • edited February 2021

    @AnthonySmith said: I nominate: @WSS
    Why: because he was always a crowd pleaser and never derailed a single thread.

    PMSL :D
    (Staying neutral 'cos I don't want the blame!) had no interest.

  • I nominate @Mason as well because of experience.

    Thanked by (1)Mason
  • I nominate @Mason,

    Because of his experiences and his YABS.

    Thanked by (2)Ympker Mason
  • @Not_Oles - generally seems well intentioned in all things which seems key for a mod

  • YmpkerYmpker OGContent Writer
    edited February 2021

    Wow! Thanks for all the nominations, guys!
    Unfortunately, I have to decline, though.
    I still love you guys and this place though <3

    I have put my reasoning and a longer response in a spoiler tag below as to not derail the thread with a long post.
    For those who are interested, please continue to read:

    First of all, I'd like to thank @ehab @Falzo @SGraf and others that might have nominated me for their trust in me :)
    I love this place and the people here and wish for it nothing but the best. I often have ideas on how this place could be improved or try to come up with topics that may not have gotten that much attention, previously. I love the positive vibes here and the peaceful, amicable environment that was created by @AnthonySmith and it is with a heavy heart that I see a person like that go. While I wish Anth and @Clouvider nothing but the best for the merger, Anth stepping down as a result of this is kind of sad to see. I know it is the right choice to make, all things considered, and I can see why not doing it would make some people feel the forum is being manipulated by a provider. Still, even though Anth will still be around, it won't be the same.

    There are two reasons why I am turning down the nomination and those are the following:

    1) Time: This is probably the main reason, although the second reason is just as much important to me, personally.
    As some of you know, I am currently spending a semester abroad to improve my Spanish in a beautiful city, that is València, close to where @Chievo is from. Aside from studies taking a fair share of my free time from me, I am also looking to connect with and get to know new people (as is possible within the current restrictions, mostly meeting only outside). Furthermore, I want to grow and improve my Web Design (Business), as well as improve as a person. Other than taking care of client projects and looking to improve my business there are also various goals and challenges of a self-improvement journey I have lined out for myself that I am eager to tackle in the near future such as: Taking the CS50 Introduction to Computer Science course by David J. Malan (a great teacher and person) to have another go at Python, SQL and PHP but also HTML & CSS. Adding to that I want to publish more (Bootstrap-based) HTML themes, write my own WordPress Backup plugin (and others) to fit my needs, and take up YmpKit again. I maybe want to start a personal blog and, perhaps, learn Italian. I want to cook something more challenging than pasta with bolognese sauce and take my body and soul down a more healthy route of clean(er) eating and finally get back to that workout routine I had when gyms were still open. I want to read more books and cut down on my list of shame of great audiobooks. There is so much I want to accomplish in this and the following years that I can't see myself being able to cut this place the time it deserves and would expect an Admin to put in.

    2) I love this place for what it is (to me): For me, this place is a green oasis, a safe-heaven, and a resource of interesting (tech-)topics I can read, learn from, and comment on. I can come back here any time and relax, share my views or contribute threads and posts as per my interests and the time available to me. I enjoy participating, "listening" and commenting on your very ideas, issues, or blog posts (I am talking especially about you @vyas and @Not_Oles @bikegremlin ). I love that we have people like @ehab who always are there to encourage you and put forward words of positivity and support. I feel like if I become Admin this place wouldn't be the same for me anymore. Having stepped up from being a Member to managing a Forum in the past (some years ago) has put me in a position I ultimately didn't want to be in. It wasn't the same feeling anymore, it was more work every day. This wasn't why I fell in love with that place back then and all the ideas I had to improve it went to build a place I was no longer an "actual" part of (as a member that is, ofc). So that is the other reason, I declined your nomination.

    For those that would have liked to see me in a staff position, whether it be for my "neutral" stance or activity ( @Falzo 2021) I can tell you at this point, that I am already part of the awesome Mod team :)
    It was only a couple of weeks ago when Anthony PMed me and asked whether I'd like to become a Mod.
    Back then, I was hesitant to accept as I was busy with IRL stuff (planning and starting my semester abroad, mainly). So when I was hired as a Mod it was more for the sake of having one more trusted member aboard than for my (mod-) activity alone. Since then I have logged into the Mod account some 4-5 times, I believe as I'd usually browse the forum with my personal account to comment and not miss any notifications. If I'd encounter a spam post or content that would be worth moderation while browsing on my personal account, I'd obviously switch on the Mod Account to remove such content but that wasn't necessary so far. Either because of the other mods' effort, or this forum being the clean-ish place it is thanks to Anth.
    Having said that now, I am also happy to step down as a Mod any time the new Admin would see fit considering my fairly low activity on the Mod account as compared to my personal account. If the new Admin of this place approves though, I will happily continue to support this place as a Mod from the shadows and as a user with the (original) content you know and (perhaps?) value me for :)

    Personally, I think all nominations are featuring candidates that would take this forum in a good, perhaps fresh, direction..each one in their own way, individually. If I had to choose a person I'd love to work with to make this forum a better place it'd have to be @Mason as many of you guys have already suggested. Being the level-headed and trustworthy person he is, I can think of no one better at this moment to take the reigns. Thus, I nominate @Mason as Anths successor.

    Again, thanks for bearing with me and having put the trust and faith in me as a person. I am beyond grateful for that.

    Yours truly,

    TL;DR: I nominate @Mason .

  • I nominate: @Mason
    Why: He is well known and seems reasonable about most things. Also, YABS.

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  • @Lee
    Cuz I've been nominating him for years.

    For no apparent reason.

    Thanked by (2)Lee Amitz

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  • LeeLee OG
    edited February 2021

    @deank said: @Lee
    Cuz I've been nominating him for years.
    For no apparent reason.

  • @cociu because I want to see what a forum run by him looks like, because he has quality bants.

    Thanked by (4)dosai cociu bdl vimalware
  • @cociu because he’s a charming, friendly guy who loves all communities equally and would definitely not fuck a sister unless you have your permission.

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  • edited February 2021

    I would also like to vote for my good pal @cociu, as I believe he would inject the sort of personality and pizazz that no other candidate could begin to come close to mustering.

    Thanked by (2)dosai cociu
  • I nominate @AnthonySmith because as far as i see it you've done a solid job sofare so no real reason to shake things up.

    Thanked by (2)Naix Asim
  • HxxxHxxx OG
    edited February 2021

    I nominate myself @Hxxx .
    1- Integrity
    2- Knowledge
    3- Anti Desktop Hardware for Server.

    Now for real I nominate @Francisco .
    I also nominate @Jarland
    and @yoursunny

    Thanked by (2)yoursunny Asim
  • I nominate @God
    or @deank

    Both for the same reason : The end is nigh

    Thanked by (1)yoursunny

    This space intentionally left blank

  • armandorgarmandorg Services Provider

    I nominate @Ympker aswell, not that there are not others who deserve the post but he is not a provider and he is always very helpful + active.

    Good guy tbh.

    Thanked by (1)Ympker

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  • InceptionHostingInceptionHosting Hosting ProviderOG

    You can nominate yourselves as well if you want to be considered, I should have said in the OP.

    Thanked by (1)Hxxx
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