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Hello Folks,

The following configurations are available, however, if you’re looking for something custom please do drop us a ticket and we’ll see what can be done for you~

The plan's resources are as follows

Processor Plan Resources Price
Intel Cloud 1GB 1 core / 1GB / 25GB SSD / Unmetered BW $4/mo
Intel Cloud 2GB 2 cores / 2GB / 40GB SSD / Unmetered BW $7/mo
AMD Cloud 1GB 1 core / 1GB / 25GB NVMe / Unmetered BW $6/mo

Order link for Metered Intel KVM SSD plans - India

Order link for AMD Ryzen Unmetered NVMe KVM

Order link for Intel Unmetered SSD KVM


New York - Intel
Atlanta - Intel
Seattle - Intel
Las Vegas - Intel
Los Angeles - Intel
Jacksonville - Intel
Mumbai - Intel - Metered
Dallas - AMD
Amsterdam - AMD
Falkenstein - AMD

We own all our hardware except at select locations such as Germany.

All our Intel offerings are on Dell R620 / Supermicro powered - Dual E5 processors and 256GB RAM each powered by Samsung EVO SSD(s) on RAID-10 with the capacity to scale in terms of storage and network on demand.

All our AMD offerings are on Supermicro powered - AMD Ryzen 3950x or 3900x processors with 128GB RAM each powered by 2x4TB NVMe HP drives on RAID-1.

Add windows for an additional $3/mo only at any of our locations!

We don't offer DirectAdmin at our Indian location due to cost factors!

Control Panel
We use the Hypervisor control panel completely owned and developed by us. It offers you full control over your server and also the ability to use a GUI based firewall, installation scripts and ssh keys as well.

About Us
Currently, we’re a team of experienced system administrators who’ve been exposed to servers, networking, and security. We’re based out of India but our company is registered and incorporated in Delaware, US in the year 2018.

24x7 Support
Normally we have proactive monitoring in place for all our servers, even so, if you should face any problem we’re always available on-call vide our phone number +1 302-597-7085 or our support platform via tickets.

Payment Methods
PayPal | Credit / Debit Card | Bitcoin | Alipay

All orders are delivered instantly!

All the servers come with 1 hour managed support per month.

We also provide Hybrid servers with dedicated resources custom-tailored to your needs on request


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