Looking for KVM Germany 20-30e year 2vcpu 2GB RAM 5TB BW

ehabehab Content Writer
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Is there any provider that can offer

2 vCores
2GB RAM memory
~ 40 GB ssd or nvm can be lower in size
5 TB monthly BW @ 1Gbit/s
1 IPv4 address

exclude [ webhosting24 , vserver.site ]
between 20-30€ year

Thanks for any recommendation


  • Mr_TomMr_Tom OG
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    How flexible is the budget? Does it include VAT?

  • ehabehab Content Writer

    Mr.Tom thanks for asking. yes it includes VAT. is it impossible?

  • Hetzner Cloud is close.

    Action and Reaction in history

  • ehabehab Content Writer

    @elliotc said:
    Hetzner Cloud is close.

    yep, very close... with a lot of BW. Lets see if Mr.Tom can make it : )

  • @ehab said: Lets see if Mr.Tom can make it : )

    Gunna struggle with including VAT at that price sorry.

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