larger than average free cloud storage

Since the default seems to be X-low XX GB provided for free (e.g. Dropbox: 2GB, Mediafire: 10GB, Google Drive: 15GB), these might be of interest in case you're cheap like yours truly, but are nonetheless willing to get MOAR STORAGE!11111oneone - 250GB of storage on steroids, i.e., among others:

  • git support
  • encrypted chat rooms
  • static website hosting

Backed by Zoom - they should have plenty of money to burn, so I'm willing to trust them not to deadpool anytime soon - 100GB of (basic) storage, some things to be aware of:

  • there's no desktop app
  • inactive accounts get deleted after 90 days

Somewhat unsure about their long-term sustainability though, contrary to Keybase, they do not seem to have a wealthy parent company able to fund them indefinitely...
Perhaps, at the very least, they might end up cutting it after a while, similarly to how did (AFAIR it was 50GB no strings attached after they launched, and now it's 50GB just for a little bit, then it gets reduced to a mere 15GB)

  • up to 150 GB (50GBx3) of distributed storage
  • up to 150 GB (50GBx3) of bandwidth
  • optional S3-compatible access layer available (rclone supported) -

  • up to 75 GB of storage
  • up to 75 GB of bandwidth)
  • credit card required
  • S3-compatible (works with rclone)

(I was able to edit the original post after all)

Since as mentioned at the beginning of the post, smaller options are aplenty, but In case you know any other large (let's say 50GB+?) free options, please share them as well!

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