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I'm curious what providers are running these days, and if FreeScout why they're paying for modules - personally, I think they are taking the piss making modules for basic requirements. That said, maybe I'm wrong.

Beside this, I've always had an interest in helpdesk software - I'm looking into AI for support as a PhD. If a prem provider wants to talk further - call it experience/no cost - I'm open.


  • I'll add -

    if a prem provider is looking for something custom - billing/support/etc. - I'm available at no cost -

    call it portfolio building.

  • Users will post drama threads in the forums, so that it's unnecessary to have a help desk.
    In fact, when Inception first started offering NAT services, users were told to ask questions in the forum; opening a ticket would trigger a £2 charge.

    For enterprise, the help desk is usually ServiceNow.
    There are workflows to dispatch tickets.

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    @yoursunny appreciate your response. Perhaps this forum is enough and everyone wants to pay for ServiceNow.

    I'm offering my time (while also improving FreeScout) to build a reputation. Alternatively, my time is available to a 'prem' provider - at no cost - to do the same.

    Edit: let's call it a lottery. Maybe a 'prem' provider will contact me and I'll commit to developing them what they need as a rep builder, maybe they won't and I'll do other work.

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    I suppose the problem with freescoute is that its Laravel version is so deprecated that it already differs quite a bit from the recent version so it's difficult for inhouse developers to create add-ons. Additionally, the project owner seems reluctant against any change so nobody wants to collaborate anymore after the first touch. Bootstrap 3, old jQuery and everything just makes it even worse/older. Since a year or something it feels like only paid modules are still developed. And some of those modules (e.g. the workflow module) don't work really good.

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  • @webcraft agree completely. I’m trying to push forward dependencies, though I’ll likely fork and upgrade all to latest. Personally, I think the modules as a funding means are overtaking the core - some modules seem stupidly basic and should be in the core.

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