new cheap managed k8s: Vultr Kubernetes Engine beta

The Vultr Kubernetes Engine includes the managed control plane free of charge. You pay for the Worker Nodes, Load Balancers, and Block Storage resources you deploy. Worker nodes and Load Balancers run on Vultr cloud server instances of your choice with 2 GB of RAM or more.

At first glance, it seems like a clone of and - or perhaps it's more the case that it's not just Kubernetes, but actually all three in general being clones of one another? ;)

Anyway, as far as k8s related differences go, these are the ones I've been able to tell on the spot:
-available regions
-min. block storage (PV) size: 1GB @ DO vs. 10GB @ Vultr/Linode
-load balancers: 3 tiers (from 10k concurent connections @ 10 dollars / mo.) @ DO vs. 1 tier @ Linode (up to 10k concurent connections @ 10 dollars / mo.) and Vultr (10 dollars / mo.; couldn't find the specs)

Based solely on this, out of the three clones (if you will;) , DO seems to be the best one for managed k8s on the cheap. A more detailed comparison including OVH and Scaleway can be found here (warning, post from more than a year ago):

best cheap managed kubernetes
  1. best cheap managed kubernetes11 votes
    1. vultr
    2. linode
    3. digital ocean
    4. ovh
    5. scaleway
    6. $7 (no managed service is cheap enough, I manage my own cluster elsewhere)
    7. go away with your container BS, VM based workloads for life

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