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I'm currently running 20-25 Tor Exit Nodes and I'm looking to deploy some sort of monitoring software on all of them.

I love the idea of TOR and support the TOR network :)

I'm primarily looking to monitor the overall traffic on all of them (like how much bandwidth I'm using and the amount of traffic that's going in and out).

I'm looking for something simple that I can deploy on all 20-25 servers without taking much time to setup/install. It would be extremely nice if I could also have an overall graph to see the overall network usage on all of the servers.

Willing to pay at most $10/month for it. HetrixTools seems like a decent option, and I may go with it. Just looking for other alternatives :)


FroCDN Files - Anonymously upload up to 15GB per file for free with unlimited bandwidth. FroCDN Paste - Paste text to share with others, fork of Hastebin. Also completely free to use.

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