YABS disk bench on multi disk devices server

Some storage server providers offer small SSD space for root system. But the YABS simply does not care, it just calculates TOTAL disk space (no ZFS, btw) and does fio (or dd) bench under current working directory). I've seen many bench results on HDD storage servers give more than 300 MB/s, they may be misleading.

@Mason Current YABS only shows total disk space, could you consider add disk details option and indicate which disk device (and filesystem) it's bench marking?


  • If a provider is doing caching on the HDD then you might still see over 300MB/s anyway

  • MasonMason AdministratorOG

    Hmm. I see the concern and understand why you'd want to see which disk device is being tested if there's multiple. I'm just not too sure how to put that info in the output in a useful way since it could potentially add a lot of gibberish to the output that only the tester would be able to make sense of. Especially once you get into the virtualization aspect and how the disks are mounted/mapped.

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