Free Linux remote control software?

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I'm looking for a way to control one Linux Mint computer from another, remote Linux Mint computer.
Something like DameWare for windows, but free.

It doesn't matter whether the software creates a new login session, or "logs in" to the existing session.

I'm using Windscribe VPN with an option of a static IP address and port forwarding (not sure if that's helpful, or a problem if both computers use the same static IP :) ).

The less command prompt work/learning, the better, but it's not a problem that I'm not willing to overcome if there aren't any GUI alternatives.

Oh, the use case:

I want to be able to use a remote computer for the time-consuming video editing (rendering is the right term?), see when it's over, let it run the next one, while I'm doing some other work far away, on my other computer. :)
And no, because of some minute fiddling needed, any batch processing is not an option (for now).

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