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XenicXenic OG
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Heya LES!
This is a list thread to bundle Community Provided Services.
If you want to add one of your Provided Services just write your Service (with a description) under this thread and we will add it to the list.
We only accept in this list "Free" ones.

Community Provided Services List:

Greetings from 🇩🇪 North Rhine-Westphalia, Xenic.


  • MichaelCeeMichaelCee ModeratorOGServices Provider

    I will extend the services I offered over at HostedTalk in 2018 to the LES community too :)

    • 1 Free DirectAdmin/Blesta installation
    • 1 Free cPanel > DirectAdmin migration
    • Free basic vps hardening (ssh port, updates)

    It’s 1 per user as it is basically my income stream. Also, only basic services, nothing that will take hours of manual input.

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