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Hello everyone!

Recent News

We are excited to let you know, we have opened another location in the UK Equinix MA4! Check out our Dedicated Servers in Manchester, United Kingdom, our 14th Point of Presence. As our new POP location, we selected Equinix MA4 in the heart of Manchester University Science Park, which enjoys fast, low latency routes to Europe and the USA also digital channels to media hubs in Manchester and London.

In our new Manchester's datacenter we offer you one of the latest, super-fast 4 GHz CPUs by Intel. The Xeon E-2286G.
So, if you've got the script that needs some severe crunching power to complete its task in the fastest possible time, we have these insanely fast servers waiting for you.

Check out our Dedicated Servers in Manchester here.

In addition to it, we continue to grow our network. We have recently added 300 Gbit/s with euNetworks to increase the connectivity between London, Frankfurt and our newest data centre in Manchester - Equinix MA4. Our latest PoP in Manchester interconnects with all our other locations with a 100 Gbit/s ring, and it's directly connected to GTT, LINX Manchester, Equinix IX, LINX LON1, all peers from LINX LON1 and LON2.

More about the 300 Gbit/s network upgrade of our European backbone you'll find here.

With these recent network upgrades, we have 8Tbps of total network capacity.

Please find out more about our connectivity service here.


  • Diverse Power & Routing
  • 24/7 Network & Hardware Support
  • Automated OS Re-installs
- Power Controls from Panel
- Premium Bandwidth Blend
- iGPU


  • CORERO complimentary, best effort DDoS Protection
  • IPv6 Subnets /48 or /64 

What sets us apart?
-Juniper only network with new equipment.
-Multi 100Gbps core network (8Tbps+ Total Capacity) with N+1 resiliency at minimum and diverse routing.
-Great peering at Equinix IX London, AMS-IX, DE-CIX, Digital Realty IX, DE-CIX NY, Any2 IX, Digital Realty IX & Community IX Atlanta to local ISP’s and private peering directly with Liberty Global and Google and more!
-We transit with: Telia, GTT, Sparkle/Telecom Italia and TATA which guarantees excellent, congestion free-connectivity
-LINX, LONAP and AMS-IX partner - we can connect you to these exchanges with your own ASN.
-Cross Continent MPLS Network Spread over 13 data centres.
-Tier 3 Data centres in Dallas, Phoenix, Ashburn, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City - 60 Hudson St, New York City - 32 Avenues of Americas, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Manchester.
-Value added services included; free DirectAdmin licensing, complimentary best effort DDoS protection, FREE Acronis 50GB offsite backup for internal services.
-We aim at the highest quality service for a reasonable price.
-Clouvider is an established, growing, 8-year-old UK based business.


Can these servers be customised?
Yes, we have several options during the checkout process for eligible systems. However, pre-configured servers cannot be customised. If you seek a different configuration than listed, please contact us.

Can I check your network?
Yes, our LookingGlass can be found at

How long for deployment?
Our standard delivery is within 5 working days due to the current situation around the world. Our average provisioning time is within 1 working day. Custom configurations may take longer.

Do you offer IPMI Access?
Yes, free VPN Secured IPMI access can be provided on request.

Do you offer IPv6?
Yes, /64 or /48 subnets can be requested during the order process.

Can you accommodate x, y or z?
Open a sales ticket to discuss our custom solutions, happy to help where possible.

Any questions or queries?
Contact our team today here

All pricing shown is exclusive of VAT if/where applicable and doesn’t factor in any further discounts available such as promotional code usage. Because of the limited stock, if the order is not paid within an hour, it will be regretfully cancelled, and the stock returned to the pool for others to enjoy. Subject to our standard Terms & Conditions. Cancellation notice period applies. Offer valid whilst promotional stocks last.


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