BorgBase World Backup Day: 30% Off for New Users, 10 GB Free Forever 🤗

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A good time to check on your backups, everyone. Accidents happen 🔥, providers dead-pool 💀. You want to keep your data despite. 😇

BorgBase offers simple and secure offsite backups based on Borg Backup:

  • Alerts on missed backups (email, Pushover, webhooks)
  • Append-only mode to protect existing backups
  • Every repository in your account is isolated
  • Compression and deduplication to reduce space usage and transfers
  • Your data is encrypted locally and we never see its contents
  • EU or US storage location

To celebrate World Backup Day and the release of Borg's next major version 1.2.0, we are offering 30% off all standard plans for new users, who never had a paid plan. Just use code WBDX22 during checkout.

Available plans: (prices after discount)

  • Free Plan, 10 GB: free forever
  • Small Plan, 100 GB: $16.8/year
  • Medium Plan, 1 TB: $56/year
  • Large Plan, 2 TB: $105/year

All plans come with a flexible quota, you can use as needed for peak usage. We can also offer custom plans or managed servers for even greater storage needs.

Checkout page (login first)

For existing users: This year's discount is for new users only. We still love you very much and work hard to bring you reliable backups and great tooling around it. In detail:

  • We will double all donations made to the Borg project again in March. Follow us on Twitter for the latest numbers.
  • The new Borg 1.2.0 release is already deployed to all repos and we will soon add server-side compaction to make your backups even faster.
  • We continue to sponsor related projects, like Borgmatic to keep the eco system healthy in the long run.
  • Vorta, our own open source desktop backup client, Vorta already got some major updates, including its Debian package
  • Our Ansible role to quickly set up backups on new servers already supports RHEL9 and Arch Linux.
  • Our docs have loads of great tutorials to improve your backup strategy or install Borg on more exotic platform, like Synology or TrueNAS.

Happy World Backup Day and always encrypt your backups! 😉

Simple and secure Borg Backup hosting from $2/month:

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