Looking for 2 TB+ storage VPS for backups

Hi all, I am looking for a good storage VPS for personal backups. I am mainly interested in storage VPSes, but if a regular backup provider would work, I am open to those. So far, the best offer that I've found is the Lobster Unlimited Expanding Storage Plan from Servarica, which is $10/month for 2 TB plus 3 GB/day (= 1 TB/year). I also found Jottacloud, but their upload speeds are quite slow from here (US east coast). Any of the other backup providers that I've found either don't support backing up data stored on a NAS or don't support encryption/rclone.

I am looking for offers around $10/month but can go a little bit higher if necessary. Currently I am estimating my backup size at 1.8 TB, so I would prefer 3 TB+ unless the storage is increased periodically like the Servarica VPS.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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