Looking for a budget VDS/Dedi with either 4C/8T or 8C/8T

Hey all,

I'd like to get a VDS or Dedi with some pretty... odd requirements.

Max I'd like to spend would be around $20/mo. OK with monthly or yearly billing.

CPU: Any x86_64 cpu with virtualization support/passthrough , 4 cores with SMT or 8 cores without SMT at a minimum
RAM: 8GB or more
Disk: Any type, 160GB or more
Bandwidth: Any
Traffic: Any
Location: Any
IPv4: 1 or more
IPv6: Any

Best deal I've found so far is Dr. Server's Atom C2750 Dedi for $16/mo.

Thanks in advance!

Cheap dedis are my drug, and I'm too far gone to turn back.

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