FREE NAT VPS-Dedicated IPv6+Shared IPv4

edited April 2022 in Free Offers and Stuff offers a free NAT VPS. I tested out their service, and honestly, its not that bad. Here's what you get with their NAT VPS:
-450MB RAM
-3GB Disk
-Unlimited Data Transfer
-Dedicated IPv6
-Shared IPv4+8 Ports
-5 OS Reinstalls/Month
Their terms:
-No Spamming
-No Torrenting
-No DDoS
-No Brute Force
-Must renew every 7 days
There are a few datacenters currently, all of which are located in Europe.
Recommended uses:
-Web Server
-VPN Server
-Hosting Bot
-Learning Linux
Operating Systems:
-Ubuntu 20
-CentOS 7.9
-Debian 11
-Debian 10
-Suse 13.2
-Alma Linux 8.4


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