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Hello guys.

I'm looking for someone with native/native-like spoken English skills to shoot me an instructional video to be sent to first time customers for a VPS service.

It would be basically a desktop recording with voice on top of that.

The shooter should be able to edit the video to put titles/sections in it.

The video will basically have these key points:

    1. Definition of the service they purchased
    1. How to start using the service
    1. What to do in some situations
    1. Answer some frequently asked questions

I will provide what needs to be included in the video in detail to the ones who are interested.

Please send me one of your videos which you'd would think that would be a good example in PM.

We will then discuss the compensation.

Thank you.


  • bikegremlinbikegremlin ModeratorOG

    Here's a list of my videos, sorted by topics (most are bicycle-related, but there are some computer-related).
    Here are the latest (and greatest) videos. :)

    If that English is good enough for you, read on. :)

    Potential problems
    I've got practically zero experience with VPS-s (apart from migrating sites off of them, using a control panel on the VPS).
    So in order to make any videos (or articles for that matter), I'd have to work using idiot-friendly instructions. I'm fine with using Linux command-prompt, but far from what I'd call knowledgeable and experienced - so expect to spend some time going back-and-forth with me (CET timezone).

    These are my regular prices, when I do it all by myself (research, testing, writing, recording etc.) and post it on my website(s) and YouTube.

    This is a different matter as far as I can understand. So, since I've got no experience with a VPS, I'd be happy to do the video(s) for compensation: lifetime free VPS (basic tier, not expecting, nor needing any huge resources). Preferably with Debian, so I can try installing MyVestaCP and see how it fares. Intended use would be low-bandwidth (and storage space) file storage, and/or a small/medium-sized WordPress site (probably idling in the foreseeable future though, too many projects right now).

    I'd prefer to start at the end of May (Monday, 30th). I expect the recording and editing to be done within a few days. Pushing it sooner will be a challenge.

    Catches and gotchas
    Any videos and/or articles I make will be free for you to use, but I'll keep the right to post them on my website and YouTube channel.

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    I can't tell you which hosting to buy, but I've written in great detail about the providers I've used so far:
    BikeGremlin web-hosting reviews

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