I found this the other day and I thought some of you might like it :)

Mailrise is an SMTP server that converts the emails it receives into Apprise notifications. The intended use case is as an email relay for a home lab or network. By accepting ordinary email, Mailrise enables Linux servers, Internet of Things devices, surveillance systems, and outdated software to gain access to the full suite of 60+ notification services supported by Apprise, from Matrix to Nextcloud to your desktop or mobile device.

Just as email brought written messages into the 21st century, Mailrise brings email notifications into the year 2021 and beyond. Compared to a conventional SMTP server, it's more secure, too—no more replicating your Gmail password to each of your Linux boxes!

Apprise is cool too! :)


  • ehabehab Content Writer

    comes very handy. Bookmarked

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