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I am in love with Hetzner since a long time but regardless of the requests @Hetzner_OL isn't bringing the directadmin license so the costs of operations there are very high (due to DirectAdmin cost being purchased at retail price)

Looking for recommendations on a provider (budget range) with free directadmin


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  • AsimAsim OGServices Provider

    First choice but the hardware/prices put me off. Hetzner spoiled me

  • MikeAMikeA Hosting ProviderOG

    DirectAdmin pricing isn't bad. Why want it included? You're going to be paying for it either way whether it's bundled in your server cost or not.

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  • AsimAsim OGServices Provider

    @MikeA you are right but it doesn't hurt to ask the community if I can have lower prices on server + better pricing on license?
    that's why I posted it here


    Probably have better luck if you post the actual server specs and location(s) you are looking for...


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  • Get a slice at buyvm/frantech . Isn't a bare metal but it has dedicated resources and it includes many software licenses, including DA.
    There might be a few others that include DA with vm's but can't recall.
    Dedicated servers thou... Webnx include DA if your dedi is over 120/mo I believe. If it isnt over that price, at least you would be paying a fraction of a full license, 10/mo. Keep in mind that licenses that are given by your provider doesn't include the pro pack DA.

  • AK_KWHAK_KWH Hosting ProviderOG

    @knownhost offers free DA license with there servers
    You can go with ovh as well i think they offer it as addon in just 12-16$/m ~

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