DediSERVE 20% price hike

Today received this. Hope there are some customers for dediserve here :

I’m writing to make you aware of a price increase being implemented on some of our products and services. We are providing 30 days’ notice, and so these changes won’t come into effect until 1 August 2022.

Like many businesses and individuals up and down the country, we’re affected by the widely publicised quadrupling of wholesale energy prices since March last year. Power is one of our most significant direct costs so unfortunately these increases impact us significantly. We’ve been absorbing these increases to date in the hope that the market would settle back to more normal levels. However, most commentators expect that energy pricing will peak during the winter months and will remain high going forward so, as a result, we have no option but to pass through some of these costs in our prices going forward.

We have generally tried to avoid price increases where possible. However, in light of the above, we will be increasing the price of our services by 19.5% from 1 August 2022.

Thank you for being our customer and we look forward to continuing to support you. If you have any specific questions about this price change, please contact your Account Manager or email iomart at [email protected].

Yours sincerely,

Scott Cunningham
Chief Financial Officer

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  • Funny thing, I just cancelled hosting there some month ago. I was their client for 8 years (since their first appearance at LET - and before they were sold to the iomart).
    Service was great, stable, fully in production all those years and nothing bad about them... it's just, after so many years there are way less expensive and still decent 2GB ram VPS offers now than this legacy one (although I had 3 IPs there).

    This was my legacy plan:

    • Location: Dublin, IE
    • CPUs x 2
    • RAM [MB] x 2048
    • SSD Storage [GB] x 50
    • Snapshot Storage [GB] x 50
    • NAS Storage [GB] x 0
    • IP Addresses x 3 1.000000
      €12.95 EURO / monthly

    In 2022 I purcased around 6 or so (liteserver, server-factory, c1vhosting, virmach, hostslick, greencloudvps...) VPSes with similar or more memory and disk quota for 25 - 30 euros (in average, some more, some less) / yearly.
    Not all of them are and will be on par with the Dediserve stability and reliability and I may get rid of some of those in the future, but I still hope that at least two of tem will turn into a long term keepers.

  • Another Euro provider

  • nullroutenullroute Hosting Provider

    This reminds me of the case of HostMantis, the end is night. - Reliable, secure and affordable game hosting.

  • Makes sense... Costs are going up all over the place these days. I expect most hosts to increase their prices at some point. They can't stay at the current prices forever given inflation and massive (far larger than inflation) increases in prices for some things like electricity.

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