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Based on this - thought it's a good idea to open a separate topic:

@dosai said:

What basic plugins do you guys normally recommend?

I wrote an article about how to choose a high-quality WordPress plugin.
(desperately needs an update for the plugin recommendation list though)
Updated... for the most part (testing Cloudflare APO and its plugin) :)

And here's a more up-to-date list - BikeGremlin website plugins.
That too needs a minor update.
Updated :)

Waiting to hear from @vyas and @Ympker

I can't tell you which hosting to buy, but I've written in great detail about the providers I've used so far:
BikeGremlin web-hosting reviews

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    following this thread.

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  • Cloudflare
    The SEO framework
    Updraft Backup

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    Thanks for the mention @bikegremlin :)

    Updraft Backup (yes, I still use them aside from server-side backups)

    AIO WP Migration (for migration only; not so much for backup)

    WP Security Ninja (free; I usually install this once at the beginning to harden/secure the wp install a bit more, later it can be removed as required)

    Ympker's GDPR Local Fonts Plugin (cough ; to e.g. host fontoawesome locally)

    Shortpixel / LSCache is basically also installed on all my wp sites.

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  • Updraft Backup

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    Thanks for the tagging @bikegremlin :+1:

    As I write, I'm re-doing the websites for my blog and the podcast. 1

    Too many- way too may ghosts from the past (resulting from changing providers, themes, plugins, blocks, etc...) One plugin I Can happily recommend now:

    Takes a bit of trial and error to figure things out. But case in point:

    the stock "xml export" from my blog posts was > 120 MB for nearly 400 posts. I used AIO WP Export- the xml was 3 MB, csv was 2.4 MB !

    For my podcast site, somehow the blogs from 2016 and 17 were over 100 MB each. Total xml export was > 400 MB. Not it stands at 3.5 MB. With all bells and whistles,


    In both cases, the feature images did not carry over ( I use the FiFU plugin, so not much harm done there).

    But the savings in space and speed alone are worth it.
    I have mentioned twentig (works on 2020/21/22 themes)

    For my blog site:

    The shared hosting (Smallweb reseller, Singapore BG 2021 deal ) - Front end works great, but...
    the backend in DA / Softaculour/ WP Dashboard was moaning and groaning and giving me 5xx errors and CF disconnects... when I was trying to create the stock WP xml, and upload it to a test site(s) .It still is, chewing up 100% CPU resources.

    After setting up the site with the AIOWP export/import, things are running fine.

    1. This is still WIP so do not take it as a recommendation but an experience for now. For more complex sites, the missing elements might outweigh convenience. ↩︎

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