Investment by Automattic in Gridpane

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This was rather expected- investment in a SaaS server management player after Digital Ocean's acquisition of Cloudways. What comes as a positive surprise is news of strategic investment by Automattic in Gridpane. While specifics are awaited, the post by Patrick, cofounder of Gridpane, can be found here.

p.s: I am a long-ish time Gridpane user, we run multiple VPS'es and sites using their service. One of the better SaaS for Wordpress management, newbie friendly and good documentation.

Runcloud and Server Avatar could be among the next in line in this space.

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    X posting from OGF, my feedback as a Gridpane user for ~ 3 years...

    In 2018 or 19 I was at a decision point whether to get runcloud or gridpane. I asked someone in the know which of the two they would opt for , if money was kot a constraint. They responded : gridpane.

    Past ~ 3 years I have had mixed feelings- it is a product aimed towards agencies, not for solopreneurs or if you have 2 or 4 sites. Feature wise one of the best that’s available today.

    Configuration comes with limitations like many…
    Kvm + ubuntu 20.04 (till last year it was 18.04). Preferably 2c/ 2 GB vps with atleast 25 gb disk space. Base ubuntu + gp stack takes up abt 12 gigs of space. Feature Updates for the lowest paid tier are a little slow to come by.

    What I like is attitude of founder, user interface, focus (wp only) and short learning curve. Backups, creating staging sites, cloning or migration of sites, (a little more than basic) security, all good to have.

    Haven’t used runcloud in a while so cannot compare, but well worth the money spent IMO.

    Hope that helps.

    VPS reviews | | MicroLXC | English is my nth language.

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    Uh oh, "deleting your account failed, please contact support", can no longer log'in tho. 🤣

    The free account advert says you're able to create 25 websites but does not state that it's only on vultr/digital ocean so I'm not able to test this thing.

    Edit: uh oh, the spam is already commencing. 🙈🤣

    so say we all

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