uk vps with nvme and hdd

Looking for a uk (or Europe) vps with 2 hard drives

30gb nvme 500gb hdd

Budget around £12 per month. Can be 2 seperate vps in same DC


  • @exussum said:

    30gb nvme 500gb hdd

    This is going to be hard to find. Maybe try Kimsufi

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  • I currently have 2 vps with inception hosting, needing an upgrade on the storage though and there's never any storage vps in stock.

    Was looking at buy vm with a slab in Luxemburg too but same story with the slabs. Never in stock :(

  • BuyVM have usually some new stocks in the begin of each months. You could also use ServerHunter or similar to get notifications when they have availability

  • There is some stock atm for LU 1GB and 2GB BuyVM slice, however slabs are usually at the start of the month so you can sign at for stock notify.

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